vacuum pump oil change for precautions

The replacement of vacuum pump oil does not mean simply draining the vacuum pump oil and then injecting new pump oil. When replacing the pump oil, pay attention to the cleaning of residual impurities in the pump.

vacuum pump oil change

After the vacuum pump has been used continuously for 3 to 4 months, the vacuum pump oil should be replaced. It is used in an environment with high humidity. Here, it refers to the humidity in the evacuated container. For example, when the external humidity is high, air extraction is resumed after frequent exposure to the atmosphere, which means that the humidity is relatively high. If the mechanical pump keeps pumping a device that keeps vacuum for a long time under the condition of high external humidity, the pump oil does not need to be replaced. Therefore, in case of high humidity, the oil change period should be shortened as appropriate. The replaced oil can be reused after cleaning and dehumidification.

The oil change method is as follows: remove the pump from the system, connect a clean square plate to the oil drain hole, unscrew the oil fill plug and oil drain plug, drain the dirty oil, and start the motor intermittently for 4-6 times to drain all the oil in each vacuum chamber. Then add 200~300CC clean vacuum pump oil from each extraction pipe, start the motor intermittently, and clean each vacuum chamber again.

vacuum pump oil change for precautions

In this way, after repeated cleaning for 2-3 times, drain the oil for cleaning, screw on the oil drain plug, add clean vacuum pump oil from the oil filler plug to the center of the window hole, and tighten the oil filler plug to prevent air leakage.

It is better to change the oil after the oil temperature rises. It is forbidden to clean the pump with kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc. without disassembly; At ordinary times, pay attention to protect the air inlet and check the filter screen to prevent dust and impurities from entering the pump, contaminating the pump oil and damaging the vacuum chamber

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