Direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump use taboo and maintenance method

The following is a direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump in use process need to be aware of, such as accidentally used one, it can affect the using life of vacuum pump and vacuum pump, hope everybody user attention.

(1) can’t pump containing gas and colloidal particles, dust, water, liquid, and corrosive substances.

(2) can’t pump gas containing high explosive gas or oxygen.

(3) and matching with vacuum pump can’t keep the system leakage container is too big, work in the extraction condition for a long time.

(4) not as transmission pump, compression pump etc.

The maintenance of the rotary-vane vacuum pump

(1) keep the vacuum pump clean to prevent impurities suction pump cavity.Configuration filter is recommended. But the filter on the interface and the interface spacing in the swim around 3/5 of the height. When the aqueous solution is too much. Can release the drain screw, and then tighten in a timely manner.The filter buffer, cooling, filtering, etc.

(2) keep oil level.Different types or brands of vacuum pump oil, do not mix, in case of contamination, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

(3) improperly stored, water or other volatile substances in the pump cavity, can open the gas ballast valve purification, such as impact limit vacuum, can consider to change oil, replace the pump oil, the first open air pump running around 30 min, make the oil diluted and let out dirty oil, the oil drain at the same time, add a small amount of cleaning slowly from the air inlet flushing pump cavity internal vacuum pump oil.

(4) in case of a vacuum pump noise increase or suddenly stuck, should be quickly cut off the power and check.

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