What units does the vacuum gauge on the EVP show? Pa, mmhg, torr etc?

A vacuum gauge is an instrument that measures the degree of vacuum or air pressure.  It is widely used in scientific research and industrial production.

Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of Pirani vacuum gauges (resistance vacuum gauges) and Ionization vacuum gauges

Pirani vacuum gauges

The Pirali vacuum gauge is also called a thermal resistance vacuum gauge. It works by using the principle of the relationship between resistance and temperature. The measuring range of our ZDR-I Pirali vacuum gauge is 1×10 5 ~1×10 -1 Pa

Pirani vacuum gauge have advantages like relatively cheap, effectively reducing equipment costs, etc.

What units does the vacuum gauge on the EVP show? Pa, mmhg, torr etc?

Ionization gauge

The ionization vacuum gauge is a vacuum measuring instrument based on the principle that the pressure of the gas to be measured is proportional to the ion current generated by gas ionization under certain conditions.

The advantages of the ionization vacuum gauge are wide measurement range, high measurement sensitivity; continuous measurement is possible. The measuring vacuum range of our ZDF-Ⅲ series resistance/ionization compound vacuum gauge is 1×105~1×10-4Pa.

Ionization gauge

Customers can choose the appropriate vacuum gauge according to their own application and the range of the measured vacuum. In addition, all our vacuum gauge measurement units are factory-set with PA as the unit. Other vacuum display units are also available(Torr, mbar, pa). and this need to be specified in advance with EVP.

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