Oil ring vacuum pump in oil refining industry

If use water as working liquid in the application of oil refining, the pumped medium can easily react with the working fluid to form crystallization, resulting in damage to the mechanical seal and leakage of the working fluid.

It is recommended to replace the working fluid with oil. This type of working liquid will not react with the medium pumped by the customer to form crystallization, thereby prolonging the service life of the mechanical seal and the pump.

Oil ring vacuum pump in oil refining industry

When oil is used as working fluid, because the saturated vapor pressure of oil is higher than that of water, the vacuum degree that can be achieved is also higher than that of water as working fluid.

At the same time, the viscosity of the working oil will also increase due to the gas phase dissolution with the pumped medium during the operation process, and the circulating amount of the working oil will decrease accordingly, which will affect the vacuum pressure. Therefore, you should also pay attention to regular replacement of the working oil. , to ensure its viscosity quality.

Oil ring vacuum pump system

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