Water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor difference comparison

The working principle of liquid ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor exactly the same , basic types and structure is roughly the same, the difference in any of the following five aspects:

1, Different impeller rotational speed range

Impeller rotational speed is mainly composed of the suction chamber and pressure difference of the compression chamber.Due to the vacuum compressor suction pressure is commonly atmospheric pressure, water ring vacuum pump exhaust pressure generally for atmospheric pressure, so the compressor differential pressure, circumferential velocity is also required.

The circumference of the reasonable speed.Mu 2 (m/s) range is as follows:

The compressor 18 mu 2 or less 24 or less
Vacuum pump 14 mu 2 or less 17 or less

The optimal impeller rotational speed (i.e., high efficiency of drum near the impeller speed around) the scope of the different:

Compressor mu 2 = 23-24 m/s
Vacuum pump mu = 16 meters/seconds

Visible, the same water ring vacuum pump, rotary piston vacuum pump and compressor available for performance is different, such as vacuum pump compressor available, only improve the speed, accordingly to economic work.

2. The optimal compression ratio range

The so-called optimal compression ratio, namely the efficiency is high compression ratio.In general, the optimum compression ratio of water ring vacuum pump is higher than that of the compressor.

3. The shaft power is different

With the size of the water ring vacuum pump, compressor when using the effective power is bigger than the vacuum pump, combined with the current general selection according to the requirement of the vacuum pump impeller rotational speed, so that to make compressor unavailable, run is inefficient zone, the shaft power is even greater.So, the compressor with power is bigger than the vacuum pump.

4. The structure of the gas water separator is different

Vacuum pump gas water separator is flat, overflow pipe is a common pipe, compressor of air at the top of the water separator is spherical shape, the overflow tube by the float valve to control, in order to prevent the water level below the overflow tube compressed gas escape, reduce the gas pressure and effective volume.

5. The size of the vent

The same size, compressor vent are smaller than the vacuum pump.

But, at present based on the principle of one machine amphibious, the same water ring vacuum pumps for vacuum pump or for compressor, all with the same speed of motor, and the size of the vent don’t change, only in the selection of form a complete set of motor power and configuration of air moisture state type before considering their different selection, respectively.

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