How to maintain ZJ/ZJP series roots vacuum pump

1, Check the oil level position regularly, does not conform to the rules must be adjusted to conform to the requirements.When the ZJ/ZJP type roots vacuum pump operation, the oil level to the oil standard center shall prevail;

2, The oil change time according to the actual conditions of use and can meet the performance requirements, and so on and so forth, by the user’s discretion.Generally new ZJ/ZJPtype roots vacuum pump, pumping clean and dry gas, it is recommended to work 100 hours oil change at a time.After being oil can’t see the black metal powder, can be appropriately extended after oil change period;

3, Check oil regularly, find new oil oil deterioration should change in time to make sure what ZJ/ZJP type roots vacuum pump work;

4, In general, ZJ/ZJP series roots vacuum pump working 2000 hours (this is special remind customers pay attention to record time) should be for maintenance, check Jue rubber seal aging degree, check whether the exhaust valve slice is craze, clean up the precipitation in the dirt from the valve and exhaust valve seat.Clean the parts ZJ/ZJP series type roots vacuum pump cavity, such as rotor, vane, spring, etc., generally clean with gasoline, and dry.The rubber pieces wipe with dry cloth after cleaning.Clean the assembly to should take put down gently be damaged;

5, to add bearing lubrication oil in bearing body, should observe the oil level in oil mark the centerline, lubricating oil should be promptly replace or supplement;

6, Check ZJ/ZJP roots vacuum pump pipe and junction have loose phenomenon.Turn ZJ/ZJP roots vacuum pump with the hand, and proved what ZJ/ZJP roots vacuum pump is flexible;

7, Repackaging should be done after commissioning, which generally idle running 2 hours and oil change two times, because when cleaning in what ZJ had type roots vacuum pump will have a certain amount of volatile matter, after being properly functioning, put in normal work;

8, Start the motor, when ZJ/ZJP type roots vacuum pump running ,roots vacuum pump can equiped with rotary vane vacuum pump or liquid ring vacuum pump , open the export and importZJ/ZJP type roots vacuum pump pressure gauges, it shows that the appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve, check the motor load condition at the same time;

9, Try to control ZJ/ZJP roots vacuum pump capacity and head, within the scope of the specified on the sign in order to make sure what ZJ had type roots vacuum pump running at peak efficiency, to achieve maximum energy saving effect;

10, When roots vacuum pump to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, then stop the motor;

11, When ZJ/ZJP type roots vacuum pump in the process of operation, the bearing temperature cannot exceed environment temperature to 35 c, the highest temperature should not exceed 80 c;

12, When roots vacuum pump in the first months of work, the oil change 100 hours, every 500 hours, after oil change once;

13, Often adjust the packing gland, packing materials indoor drip situation is normal (in a drip out as appropriate);

14, Check the wear condition of shaft sleeve regularly, wear after the larger should be replaced in a timely manner;
15, When roots vacuum pump stopped for a long time, the pump must be opened entirely, dry moisture, rotating parts and junction are coated with grease packed, safekeeping;

16,When roots vacuum pump used in winter season, after stopping, the lower part of pump body must be drain plug unscrewed the net medium.To prevent the frost crack.if you want to know more about other vacuum pump maintain way , such as rotary vane vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump , oil diffusion vacuum pump and so on ,welcome to contact us!

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