How to safely operating 2X series rota​ry vane vacuum pump and daily maintenance

(1)2X rotary vane vacuum pump should be installed in a dry, ventilated and clean place.

(2) In general, rotary vane vacuum pumps do not have to use anchor bolts installed in the foundation, but it must be put smooth, in order to avoid vibration, such as rack installed, it shall make the bolt.

(3) connected to the motor plate by a predetermined power, and install the ground wire and suitably sized fuse, mounted on the motor corresponding thermal relays, the motor is rotated in the direction of the rotation direction arrows pump.

(4) When installing the motor V-belt, should be appropriately elastic, elastic should be moved.

(5) to refuel before power screw spin on the tank, clean mechanical injection pump oil to the oil window center.

(6) for the initial installation of the pump test should be carried out, check the pump vibration during operation caused by the installation of injustice. If the vibration is large, that should be adjusted.

(7) Check the rotary vane vacuum pump ultimate vacuum test method shall comply with the provisions of the conduct, the pump is not connected to the container, the temperature to stabilize, with a compression vacuum gauge at the pump inlet measured at the lowest stable partial pressure, total pressure side basin affects more professional standard provisions, for reference, when the indicators meet the standard and then loaded on the system.

(8) the connection is drawn containers no larger than the diameter of the inlet pipe diameter, the pipe should be short, the elbow should be small, in order to avoid airflow obstruction; installation of pipes and fittings should ensure reliable seal, without leakage, the use of a vacuum hose, inside the tube must be cleaned.

(9) If it is necessary to use, extraction with acidic gases, contains a lot of steam gas, high temperature gas containing dust and gas, should be installed in the intake manifold aisle cooling, filters and other for your needs device, otherwise it will inevitably affect the performance and life of the pump.

(10) If the pump exhaust gases to human health or the environment impact, small pump can put a rubber tube in the exhaust pipe, a large pump can be screwed to the exhaust cap, dress ducted exhaust gases, should from the workplace.

(11) pumps workshop surroundings should be kept clean to prevent debris from entering the pump

(12) When the pump is to pay attention to long-term elastic belts properly and adjusted.

(13) different brands of vacuum pump oil should not be mixed.

(14) rotary vane pump oil is clean, the degree of vacuum pumps very influential, should always pay attention to the new requirements around 200h renewal pump oil once and generally dry gas pumping about 1000 ~ 1500h replaced with new oil, pumping gas with steam, as appropriate, shall be shortened drain intervals.

(15) Replace the first to open new oil pump operation 30min, thinning the oil, stop the pump, spin to the drain plug, rotate the impeller, the pump chamber slop all released, and then poured into 300mL new oil continued from the air inlet turn the pump turn round 5-8 internal cleaning, do so from 2 to 4 times, put the net after waste oil to clean, put the drain plug installed, and then injected into the new pump oil from the oil filling hole to mark the center of the rotary filler plug .

(16) pump as long-term use, should pre-clean up dirt, coated with anti-rust oil, the intake and exhaust ports on the rubber seal gland, in order to avoid falling into the dirt inside the pump.

(17) If the pump work for a long time, prolonged use, put a new pump oil reach the requirements, and the time required to repair the various parts cleaning, apply advanced gasoline or ethanol, kerosene generally unavailable . Note that each should dredge into the hole when cleaning. After washing must be dried before assembly, installation, not missing equipment, and should be installed in the original position, allowing only part of the drive to do the mechanical vacuum pump oil lubrication.

(18) non-iron, sand and mud and dust loading.

(19) All fasteners should be tightened, and not loosening, after assembly is completed, hand rotary pump wheel, there should be no weight and blocking phenomenon, should check test after assembly, test time is generally 4 ~ 6h not appear impact sound, etc., before the official use of measuring the degree of vacuum after the inspection, standards-compliant.

(20) The rotary vacuum pump is used to seal the container vacuum pumping gas to obtain basic equipment. It may be used alone or as various high vacuum system before the pump and pre-pumped.

(21) the pump inlet open continuously through the atmosphere must not exceed 3min.

(22) in an ambient temperature range of 5 ~ 40 ℃ and import pressure less than 1330Pa under conditions that allow the pump long-term continuous operation.

There is the Rotary vane vacuum pump (2X type) security operation and maintenance procedures, If we give the method can not solve your problem, you can contact us directly, we have professional engineers will give you professional guidance for rotary vane pump security operation and maintenance procedures

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