To avoid the overload of vacuum pump

Overload refers to exceeding the specified carrying standard, that is, exceeding the rated load of the equipment itself. The general phenomenon is that the current become large, the electrical equipment temperature become higher, and the long-term overload of the line will reduce the line insulation level and even burn equipment or lines.

Vacuum pumps also be inevitably overloaded during use. So we must fundamentally find the cause of the overload, then solve it. Here we take the water ring vacuum pump as an example. Under what circumstances will the water ring vacuum pump be overloaded? The power required to compress the gas in the water ring vacuum pump is proportional to the pressure difference. Once the gas pressure difference is too high, the unit may be overloaded, causing the motor winding to burn.

EVP water ring vacuum pump

We recommend below measures to avoid overload:

1. Use vacuum electrical components to control the inlet pressure, and place pressure sensitive components such as vacuum bellows relays or electrical contact vacuum gauges at the inlet piping of the water ring vacuum pump. After the vacuum system started, when the pressure at the inlet of the water ring vacuum pump is lower than a given value, the pressure sensitive component sends a signal, and the water ring vacuum pump is turned on via the electrical control system. If the inlet pressure of the unit is higher than the specified value, the water ring vacuum pump is automatically turned off, thus ensuring the reliable operation of the water ring vacuum pump.

2., the use of mechanical automatic pressure regulating bypass valve. The bypass valve is mounted on the bypass line between the outlet of the water ring vacuum pump and the inlet. This valve controls the differential pressure between the pump inlet and outlet to not exceed the rated value. When the pressure difference reaches the rated value, the valve is automatically opened by the pressure difference, so that the outlet of the water ring vacuum pump and the inlet communicate with each other, so that the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet is rapidly lowered, and the water ring vacuum pump operates under the load with almost no pressure difference. The water ring vacuum pump with bypass relief valve can be started at the same time as the main pump, making the unit easy to operate. When the pressure difference is lower than the rated value, the valve is automatically closed and the gas is pumped away from the main pump through the water ring vacuum pump.

3, check the pipeline to see if the diameter of the air outlet is reduced and whether the resistance of the air outlet is too large.

4, check if there is too much water, too much water in the inlet will also cause the water ring vacuum pump to overload.

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