The difference between vacuum and vacuum technology

Vacuum technology is the use of vacuum pumps, vacuum unit and other vacuum systems to accomplish a specific process technology, in a variety of industrial production and research work has been widely used. Such as: petroleum (vacuum distillation), chemicals, canned food, metallurgy, light bulbs and tubes and other production, and its equipment is generally used in vacuum technology.

The level of vacuum is a rear air inside the container and other substances in the vapor is withdrawn the pressure remaining determined. The more the amount withdrawn, the lower the pressure inside the container, i.e., the higher the degree of vacuum. However, an absolute vacuum pump is not. Vacuum level is “vacuum degree” to indicate that it’s in millimeters of mercury, or “Torr.” 1 torr is 1 mm Hg.

In practice, often to a different degree of vacuum is divided into several regions.

Pressure is: 100 ~ 10 Torr called rough vacuum, such as water ring vacuum pump series.

10 called low vacuum to 10-3 torr, such as rotary vane vacuum pump series.

10-4 to 10-8 Torr called high vacuum, such as diffusion pump series.

10-9 Torr or more is called ultra-high vacuum, e.g., molecular pump and the like.

Requirements of the lubricating oil pump

In fact, the factors affecting the degree of vacuum pumps are diverse, there are seals, the fitting gap, material or bad, and so, this paper explains the requirements on the vacuum pump lubricating oil, because oil is good or bad will also affect the degree of vacuum pumps, the following three are on the Hai Feilu vacuum plant technology department workers on pump lubricating oil requirements, we want to help.

(1) having a suitable viscosity: the oil viscosity is too small, can not meet the requirements of lubrication, sealing is not good, the viscosity is too large, the friction, the rotor rotates difficulties, the kinetic energy consumption increases, but also with the increase of the oil temperature . Temperature rise will accelerate the oxidative deterioration of oil, especially in terms of rotary vane vacuum pump.

(2) have a low saturated vapor pressure: “vapor pressure” indicators low oil to the low pressure in the vacuum pump under high temperature operating conditions does not evaporate easily, in order to ensure the desired degree of vacuum obtained.

(3) better oxidation stability, the use of oil is not easy to oxidative deterioration.

General vacuum pump oil is chosen. At present, only the 1st domestic vacuum pump oil, is made of natural crude oil, refined depth. Lubricate, seal in the vacuum pump.

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