How to deal with the supercurrent (overcurrent) of vacuum pump?

Liquid ring pump as a common vacuum pump in the market, has a very good application in different industries. As they are used over the years, vacuum pumps also require regular maintenance. Due to the various working conditions, the field voltage in each country also has a little difference, some customers may encounter the water ring pump overcurrent situation, how to solve it?

I want to say, very simple.

Here I use 2BV liquid ring pump as an example, there are three possibilities:

1.In the shutdown state, manually operate the pump, you can use a screwdriver to move the fan blade of the motor, check whether the impeller stuck.
2. Check whether the water supply flow meets the requirements according to the operating manual. If the water supply is large, the shaft power will increase.
3. Check whether the exhaust pressure of the exhaust port exceeds atmospheric pressure. If it exceeds atmospheric pressure, the shaft power will increase.

Shanghai EVP has been deeply engaged in the vacuum industry for 23 years.

From material selection -> processing -> installation -> testing -> packaging, each pump will be tested through 15 times inspection procedures, by this way, to ensure the perfect operation of products.

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Here, I recommend several vacuum pumps to you:

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump.2BV liquid ring vacuum pump

DLV two stage liquid ring vacuum pump.

DLV two stage liquid ring vacuum pump

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