oil free vacuum pump selection

Oil-free vacuum pump has simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, no pollution of the environment, good durability, is a set of vacuum pumping, compression, dual-use type pump.Vacuum basic equipment with a very wide range of applications. What are the key points and skills of oil-free vacuum pump selection? How to choose an oil-free vacuum pump suitable for their own use is also the knowledge that every customer wants to know when buying a vacuum pump. Because oil-free vacuum pumps on the market have rotary vane type, piston type, screw type and other differences, they have different performance parameters, the limit vacuum degree, relative or absolute pressure, exhaust volume, exhaust rate and other values also have their own focus.Because some users may only need oil-free clean, some users also need to strengthen the performance of corrosion resistance, and so on different details of the requirements of vacuum requirements. In the face of all kinds of oil-free vacuum pumps in the market, how to choose a correct pump will be very important.

We, Vacuum pump sales engineer, according to many years of customer demand and market guide experience, is summarized as follows:

Oil-free vacuum pump type selection according to the purpose:

1. Various plastic products are shaped by vacuum forming.

2. Paper vacuum heating for printing machinery.

3. Supporting the use of various medical machinery on the automatic line.

4. Vacuum suction on the automatic packaging line to open bags and load materials.

5. Leak detection test under vacuum condition.

6. The labels of cartons and bottles are vacuum sucked and pasted.

7. Vacuum suction fixed under the photographic plate.

8. Use pressure difference to guide gas analysis in the vacuum state.

9. Efficient vacuum filling of various liquids into bottles.

10. Vacuum chuck tool for processing non-magnetic parts.

11. The air tightness test of the surface of the object under vacuum.

12. Pharmaceutical factory vacuum drying.

13. Supporting facilities for various medical devices.

14. College, research institute, mine laboratory gas analysis, physical and chemical experiments.

15. Vacuum suction in hospital operating room.

Oil-free vacuum pump is selected according to vacuum parameters:

1. First know the composition of the pumped gas, and then select the corresponding vacuum pump

2. The gas contains corrosive gas, particulate dust, etc., oil-free vacuum pumps and corrosion-resistant oil-free vacuum pumps should be selected.

3. Clarify the working environment, within the working pressure range, all the air volume generated in the vacuum chamber can be eliminated.

4. The working pressure in the vacuum chamber must be within the optimum pumping speed pressure range.

5. Vacuum pressure required during production.

6. Every process has a custom vacuum range.

7. When a pump cannot meet the pumping requirements, the vacuum pump should be combined correctly.

8. Choose the pump reasonably according to economic indicators such as the initial investment and daily maintenance cost of the complete vacuum system.

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