The summary of the vacuum system and leakage checking system

The composition of the vacuum system

By vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be divided into, water ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump, rotary piston vacuum pump, oil diffusion pump, roots vacuum pump, etc., PLC program control system, storage tanks, vacuum pipelines, vacuum valves, the filter assembly consisting of a complete set of vacuum system.At present, the system is widely applied in electronic semiconductor, photoelectric backlight module, mechanical processing and other industries.
Factory with the vacuum system is included pumping speed control, inlet filter, the main operation data shows, the protection and the remote control interface, etc.Only need in the field of simple connection power and pipeline, which can form a complete vacuum system.The control system of the vacuum system consists of advanced PLC control system after programming, with touch screen as human-computer interface, implementation of the vacuum system, workpiece walk, magnetic control target, process and execution, and alarm protection system of automatic control.

Vacuum system is widely used in electronic industry, chemical industry research, medical science and technology, food packaging, printing, footwear business, machinery manufacturing, CD industry, plastic vacuum deaeration, sewage treatment and other purposes.This company has wide scale of application of vacuum system, regardless of the extraction speed, capacity and the vacuum pressure can be according to the special requirements of customers and make the appropriate choice, catering to different application.The vacuum system is one or more vacuum pump and a vacuum storage tank, plus a central power control box.We can according to customer design various machinery and equipment for vacuum degree requirements.

Vacuum system mainly includes JZPS Roots – Liquid ring Vacuum system, CVS Centre Vacuum system, JZP2H type Roots and piston Vacuum system

The characteristics of the vacuum system as follows:
1. Low noise, low vibration.
2. Air cooling, convenient and easy.
3. Operating in high temperature environment is still good.
4. Under low vacuum pressure still maintain good extraction speed.
5. The built-in filter and filter, filtering effect can reach high.
6. The built-in one-way valve, prevent vacuum oil flow.
7. Simple structure, small volume, save a space.

If leakage occurs for vacuum pump or vacuum system , it is likely to take a lot of trouble, first need keep it is closed, and then make maintenance.So how can we determine whether a vacuum pump leak?The following brief introduction:

1, there may be some places have not enough seal for the vacuum system of the flange, joint, expansion tank and other places;
2, check on the water vapor condenser side door if there is leakage;
3, check the low pressure cylinder exhaust exit there may be incomplete, inspiratory phenomenon, the vacuum system of water level gauge is broken;
4, when the vacuum pump in the negative pressure state, check the low pressure heater water level is not normal, put the gutter have leak;
5, check and cylinder of the steam extraction pipeline connection if there is any leakage occurs, if the gas leak vacuum will be unstable.

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