vacuum pump for molding machine of selection

How to select the suitable vacuum pump for molding machine?

The rotary vane pump has a good and wide application in this process. The selection of the vacuum pump of the blister machine needs to select the appropriate vacuum pump according to the specific process. Generally, the following two parameters are used as a reference:

1) Vacuum degree: The vacuum degree is generally expressed in units such as PA, MBAR, MMHG, etc. If the vacuum degree in the process does not meet the requirements, it will cause bubbles after the product is formed, and the final product will become a defective product.

2) Pumping speed: refers to the amount of fluid pumped out by the vacuum pump and flowing through the closed pipe or effective cut-off per unit time, usually expressed as L/S, L/MIN, M3/H. When we determine the pumping speed, we generally calculate the amount of gas that needs to be pumped out per unit time according to the specifications and thickness of the product, and then select the vacuum pump according to the required pumping speed.

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vacuum pump for molding machine of selection

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