Effective methods introduce for rotary vane vacuum pump prevent pollution and noise

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of widely used equipment, So how to prevent and control pollution for this kind of vacuum equipment ? whether this kind of vacuum equipment have high power or not ? below will explain you how rotary-vane vacuum pump are useful against pollution ?

For rotary vane vacuum system, the most effect using power more than vacuum polllution forming vacuum falling .What is the vacuum pollution?In fact is mixed in the water vapor condenses into drops into the pump, can make our vacuum pump parts of rust, and then form vacuum fall.therefore, we must do treatment to this aspect of pollution early .

There have theree methods to slove the pollution.

First , the method is to be able to choose the equipment with Gas ballast of vacuum pump;

Second , the method is to add oil separator or oil mist separator , could deal with into useful water vapour in the vacuum pump, to prevent the effect;

Third , the  method is to use liquid nitrogen cold trap or adsorption of water vapor, strong water imbibition of single dispensing land from the source to solve questions.

In a word, for the vacuum pump with safety and power, we need to guard against this aspect of the question.

How to reduce the noise in the process of rotary vane vacuum pump production ?
Rotary vane vacuum pump noise, usually refers to the vacuum pump in the temperature stability, the measured noise level under the ultimate vacuum.

It includes the vacuum pump itself and motor noise for the user, also concerned about the noise of the oil lubricated vacuum pump , roots vacuum pump when the temperature is not stable starting stage and the noise of the running under different inlet pressure, and the noise With KaiQi town work ,So.need  to consider a variety of factors.

Is the part of the voice, the noise of oil sealed rotary vane the vacuum pump has the following several possible ways:
(1) rotary vane of a cylinder body collision, residual volume pump and exhaust pressure oil in the die gap voice;
(2) the exhaust valve piece of support for the seat and a crash;
(3) the casing of the echoes and bubble burst;
(4) bearing noise;
(5) a lot of gas, oil shocks caused by noise such as oil baffle plate;
(6) the other.Such as transmission caused by noise, air cooling pump fan noise, etc.
(7) motor noise, it is the crucial factor.

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