liquid ring chlorine gas compressor and centrifugal compressor comparison between?

Characteristics of liquid ing chlorine gas compressors do not require high water content in chlorine (the mass fraction of water in chlorine is less than 400 ppm), and the price is cheap. Domestic small centrifugal compressors generally require the mass fraction of water in chlorine to be below 200 ppm , does not entrain sulfate impurities; domestic large-scale centrifugal compressors (such as: vgsp100, lly-300) require that the mass fraction of water in chlorine be below 100 ppm, without entraining sulfate-type mechanical impurities; imported large-scale chlorine centrifugal compression The machine requires that the mass fraction of water in the chlorine be below 20 ppm, and no sulfate-type mechanical impurities are entrained.

Centrifugal compressor has high requirements for chlorine moisture and physical impurities, as it will easy happen leakage and then pollute the environment.

What’s more, once centrifugal compressor suddently shutdown, it can not as quicker as possible to restore normal operation due to its complex start-up technology.

And also due to its high rotary speed, the stability performance is very bad and very easy to appear surge phenomenon.

You’re not only have to do maintenance very frequency but also maybe cost huge money for the maintaince cost in future.

Plus the cost of the initial investment for centrifugal compressor, all in all, after considering all those things, there is not much difference if compared with the electricity consumption of liquid ring compressor. So for Cl2 compressor, liquid ring compressor is best solution.

liquid ring chlorine gas compressor and centrifugal compressor comparison between?

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