Rotary vane vacuum pump in the proper use and maintenance method of CNC carving machine

1), In general speaking , rotary vane vacuum pump should be checked after working 2000 hours, check the aging condition of rubber seals, check whether the exhaust valve slice is craze, clean up the precipitation in the dirt from the valve and exhaust valve seat.Clean the entire rotary-vane vacuum pump cavity parts , such as rotor, vane, spring, etc. General clean with gasoline, and dry.In rubber parts accessories wipe with dry cloth after cleaning.When cleaning assembly to should take put down gently, be careful touch injury.

2), check rotary-vane vacuum pump oil situation, found that the vacuum oil emulsification and modification should be timely replacement of vacuum pump oil, make sure the rotary-vane vacuum pump work.

3), when can change vacuum oil , according to the actual conditions of use and can meet the performance requirements, and so on and so forth, by the user’s discretion.General new rotary vane vacuum pumps, pumping clean and dry gas, it is recommended to work 100 hours in oil at a time.After being oil can’t see the black metal powder, can be appropriately extended after replacement of vacuum oil period.

4), it is forbidden to switch to other types of oil ,Professional vacuum oil must be used.Regularly check the oil level position, do not conform to the rules must be adjusted to conform to requirements.To rotary vane vacuum pump operation, the oil level to the oil standard center shall prevail.

5), check whether there is any looseness on rotary-vane vacuum pump pipe and junction, leakage phenomenon.Turn the vacuum pump with the hand, try whether flexible rotation.

6), if it is conditional , it is also in the pipeline to clean up, ensure smooth line.

7), rotary vane vacuum pump after repackaging, should carry on the test run, which generally without load, idle for 2 hours and oil change twice.Because in the process of cleaning, will remain volatile matter certain amount in the pump housing, after you have to be volatile, back into work.

8), it is forbidden to smoke atmosphere for a long time!It is strictly prohibited without oil oil work less , In the pumping system and vacuum pump  , the vacuum valve should be installed , before turn off the pipe was closed to prevent vacuum by back into the system!Make sure the vacuum system without corrosive gas.


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