vacuum filtration system

In this application, the moisture from the filtrate receiver of a vacuum filter is collected and fed back into the system. If a system upset occurs, such as the failure of the filtrate pump, slugs of liquid can carry over into the vacuum system. Soft solids from the filter can also enter the vacuum system. In both cases, the liquid and soft solids will not damage the liquid ring vacuum pump, improving the overall reliability of the vacuum filtration system. A variety of seal liquids compatible with the process vapors may be selected in order to minimize contamination of gases extracted during the filtration process.

vacuum filtration system

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump as the common pump to match with vacuum filtration, which has very nice using in many countries. There are different material for customer selection: Cast iron, all complete sus304, all complete sus316L, titanium, etc to adapt different environment.

We also customize the complete vacuum system to meet different technical asking.

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