Rotary piston vacuum pump maintenance

1.Rotary slide valve oil seal mechanical pump (hereinafter referred to as plunger pump) are similar with rotary vane vacuum pump, is also a kind of transfiguration type gas transmission pump.And the scope and conditions of use and rotary vane pumps are basically the same.
Plunger pump because of its structure characteristics, Suction capacity is much bigger than rotary vane vacuum pump.which is often used in large vacuum equipment.Plunger pump has two kinds of single-stage and two-stage model.The limit of single pump pressure on small pump Pa 0.6 or less, for large pump 1.3 or less Pa (both air town), the limit of the double pump pressure Pa 0.06 or less (air).Pumping speed greater than 150 l/s plunger pump with single stage type.
Due to the rotation of the plunger pump quality have larger eccentric, if somehow good quality, in operation will produce larger vibration.But the pump rotation centroid trajectory is the shape of complex closed curve, so it is difficult to realize the balance of inertial force of the slide valve pump completely.Mass balance valve, reduce the vibration of the pump has been an important subject of plunger pump needs to solve.

2. Maintenance overhaul

1. Maintain attention

(1) often should pay attention to pump oil and the oil, ensure moderate amount of oil, oil well.Quantitative change bad oil, oil change in time.According to the working condition of oil change regularly, open the cap cleaning oil pool.
(2) often pay attention to the temperature and the temperature of the cooling water and oil pump.
(3) keep the pump and pump room clean and dry.
(4) check the tightness of the belt.
(5) when the environment temperature is lower than 0 ℃, stop the pump should be in all of the water in the cooling jacket net, avoid damage when water jacket to freeze the water in the pump body.Pump such as long-term need not, also had better put the water in the water jacket, reduce the water pump casing corrosion.
(6) the comprehensive performance of lubricating oil should not be below the oil ministry SY1634 code-named KK – 76-1 of 1 # mechanical vacuum pump oil performance, otherwise the performance of the pump may not meet the requirements of the.
(7) Rotary piston vacuum pump if not work for a long time , you have to put off the dirty oil, change new oil, operating more than ten minutes, avoid the dirty oil corrosion of the pump cavity, stop the pump to avoid moisture into the pump chamber.And it is best to drive plunger pump once every half a month, each time you run about half an hour.
(8) according to the working condition, regularly check the performance of the rotary plunger pump in a timely manner to replace aging of rubber seals and wear parts.

3. The commonly used maintenance measures

(1) oil change:
A. call directly open valve oil, oil after put the net will drain valve closed;
B. unscrewed the refueling, refueling from adding suitable amount of clean oil, the oil level to the central oil window, twist good refueling plug (it is best to use the filter funnel, prevent stolen goods into the pump).

(2) oil pool cleaning:
A. put net dirty oil;
B. clean the dirt and oil in the pool filter core.
C. to mount the filter core, close the drain valve, tank cover plate;
D. come on;

(3) the belt adjustment and change:
A. remove the shield shell;
B. motor loose nut on the adjusting screw;
C. to unload the old belt, put on the new belt;
D. seat nut on the adjusting screw to adjust motor belt elastic medium;
E. cover to cover shell, and screw down the bolt

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