Liquid ring compressor solution from 0.6Bar reach to 12 Bar.

One of EVP customer are changing from an old rotary compressor to water ring pumps used in his chemical plant, the plant consists of three Reactors, each reactor need a water ring vacuum pump from 0.6barA to 2barA.and the rotary compressor from 2 bar to 12bar.

For some reasons, he need to change the rotary compressor to liquid ring compressor.

Here is his demand drawing:

Liquid ring compressor

Here is EVP solution:

First, use 2BE1-253 one stage Liquid ring vacuum pump to make the pressure from 0.6bar up to 2bar.
Second, we use 2SY15 two stage liquid ring compressor, to make the pressure from 2Bar up to 6bar(design pressure 8bar).
When the pressure reach 6bar, use 2SY6 to make the pressure from 6bar up to 12bar.

EVP PID drawing is as below :

Please kindly check our website: to check more Detail Parameters of the liquid ring vacuum pump 2BE1-253, 2SY compressor.

Liquid ring compressor

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