The removal of vacuum pump and installation sequence

1. Open cylinder and installation

(1) Before dismantling the cylinder. Discharge oil from the vacuum pump (including liquid ring pump, rotary vane pump , rotary piston pump ,oil diffusion pump, dry scroll pump and so on )
Manually rotate the fan belt, discharge may have been gathered in the vacuum pump oil

(2) When installing blade. Its cylindrical surface should be facing the pump housing.

(3) after the vacuum pump assembly connected to the alternator. Add 5 ml engine oil, and can ensure the alternator pulley can hand turn smoothly.

2. Check

Clean all parts, according to the following steps to check
(1)  check the rotor and the pump of mating surface, and the middle plate and the mating surface of the rotor with and without wear and scratches. If you have any grinding or scratch trace evidence, should replace the damage parts.

(2) check whether there is any wear and scratches on blade, replace if necessary.

(3) check the length and width of blade.

(4) Check the vacuum pump casing for wear, replace if necessary.

(5) check the aperture of rotor shaft and rotor shaft to the tooth wear and replace if necessary.

(6) check valve position and copper gaskets for bending and deformation, replace if necessary.

(7) Check the operation of the check valve, when using the screw driver or other tool to push wide when one-way, as shown below. Operation of the valve should be smooth, as undesirable and should be replaced.

(8)check air leakage. Holding 98 to 490 kPa (1.0-4.9 bar, 1-5 kg / cm 2) Air pressure and replace if necessary.

(9) Check the vacuum tank for damage or air leaks, replace if necessary.


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