perflurane FFKM rubber seals

Performance requirements and applications of perflurane FFKM rubber seals

Perfluoroether rubber refers to the terpolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, perfluorinated methyl vinyl ether and perfluoroalkene ether, also known as perfluororubber, which is a kind of rubber that does not contain C-H bonds at all. Ethylene-like thermal stability and chemical resistance.

The long-term performance of perfluoroether rubber sealing parts has the elasticity and thermal stability and chemical stability of polytetrafluoroethylene. The long-term working temperature is -39~288 degrees Celsius, and the short-term can reach 335 degrees Celsius. It still has a certain degree of plasticity below the embrittlement temperature, hard but not brittle, and can be bent. Stable to all chemicals except swelling in fluorinated solvents.

Perfluoroether seal product features:

1.Corrosion resistance

Perfluoroether rubber can withstand the corrosion of almost all chemical media, including ethers, ketones, benzene ring solvents, strong oxidants, strong acids, strong alkalis, etc., and can withstand chemicals that other rubbers cannot use (such as: propylene Nitrile, butylacrylonitrile, DNT, ethers, methylene chloride, styrene, amines, ethoxyethanol, ethylene oxide, oxygen compounds, nitrogen compounds, THF, anilino, DMF, propylene oxide, ketone Corrosion of more than 1,600 chemical solvents such as diluents, vinyl chloride, butadiene, DMT, esters, propylene oxide, etc.), perfluoroether rubber can also show excellent performance in these media.

2.High temperature resistance

The high temperature resistance and special medium resistance of perfluoroether rubber are incomparable to general fluororubber. The high temperature compression permanent deformation resistance of perfluoroelastomer is better than that of fluororubber. For the harsh high temperature environment, the working temperature range of ordinary perfluororubber sealing ring is -25℃~+240℃, and the perfluoroelastomer sealing products can reach the highest temperature. The continuous use temperature can reach 330 ℃.

At present, the application fields of perfluoroether FFKM rubber seals:

Semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, automobile industry, laser plating industry, battery industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, special chemical industry, nuclear power thermoelectric industry, etc.

Due to the high cost of perfluoroether FFKM rubber raw materials, perfluoroether FFKM seals are usually used for the working conditions that other rubber materials cannot meet the sealing requirements. Under these harsh working conditions, other rubbers are prone to corrosion, swelling, dissolution, aging and hardening, etc. Poor, resulting in seal failure. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, perfluoroether FFKM rubber meets the sealing requirements of harsh working conditions, while increasing the service life of seals and reducing maintenance costs for customers.

perflurane FFKM rubber seals

In view of the complex manufacturing process of perfluoroether rubber, so far, only a few manufacturers in the world can produce perfluoroether rubber raw materials, namely DuPont Kalrez perfluoroether rubber from the United States, 3M perfluoroether rubber from Japan, and Gold (DAIKIN) perfluoroether rubber and Italian Solvay (SOLVAY) perfluoroether rubber and other four manufacturers.

For some special industries, the water ring vacuum pumps produced by EVP usually use Bergmann or John Crane mechanical seals, and the O-rings are mostly Kalrez perfluoroether seals.

perflurane FFKM rubber seals water ring vacuum pumps

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