Roots pumps of overflow valves

The overflow valve is also called a safety valve, which can adjust the pressure in front of the valve to a certain stable pressure. The pressure spring keeps the valve closed and opens when the pressure in front of the valve increases.

When the pressure difference between the intake and exhaust ports reaches a certain value, the overflow valve is automatically opened, and part of the gas at the exhaust port flows back to the intake port through the opened overflow valve, which greatly reduces the high pressure difference. and the operating load of the backing vacuum pump (hereinafter referred to as the backing pump). At the same time, because the open overflow valve has a strong discharge effect, it can ensure that the ZJP series Roots pump with relief valve and the backing pump can be started at the same time without overloading the Roots pump and the backing pump, and can improve the high inlet The pumping speed of the Roots pump unit under pressure.

Our ZJP series Roots pumps are equipped with overflow valve with automatic overload prevention.

Roots pumps of overflow valves

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