Vacuum Pump Maintenance

1. Check the vacuum pump piping and the junction if have any loose phenomenon.

2. Adding bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body, oil level should be observed in the oil center line, the oil should be replaced or added timely.

3. Unscrew the pump body’s  water diversion plug and pour into water or pulp.

4. Close the out water pipe’s gate, outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge.

5. Start the motor, when the vacuum pump work normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and import of vacuum pump, as it shows the appropriate pressure, open the gate valve gradually thencheck the motor load situation.

6. Try to control the flow rate of the vacuum pump and the head in the range that indicated on the label. to ensure that the vacuum pump in the most efficient point, to obtain the greatest energy saving effect.

7.  In vacuum pump work situation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature is 35 ℃, the maximum temperature don’t exceed 80 ℃.

8. When the vacuum pump is stopped, turn off the gate valve firstly, then the pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

9. Vacuum pump is work in the first month, change the oil after 100 hours, then change a time oil every 500 hours.

10. Regularly adjust the packing gland to ensure that the drip in the stuffing room is normal.

11. Regular inspection of the wear of the bearing sleeve, change it timely if wear is large.

12. When vacuum pump be used in the winter, after the stop, please remove the drain plug of pump body’s lower part and make sure the medium are all drain out.

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