vacuum pump used in medicinal chemistry need attention

1. Overview

Vacuum pump is one of the most commonly used laboratory equipment, often used to require a higher degree of vacuum occasions. Vacuum pump performance is good or bad depends on the structure and oil (oil vapor pressure as low as possible), a good degree of vacuum pump able to get the 10 ~ 100Pa. The more sophisticated pump structure, the higher the requirements for working conditions.

2, the steps

After around a catheter connected, turn on the switch.

3, pay attention

(1) vacuum pump should be selected and adapted to the conditions of use, such as vacuum, pumping speed, power supply voltage is appropriate.

(2) vacuum pump should be placed in a clean, dry place. To regular cleaning and oil changes. Cleaning should use kerosene or straight-run gasoline, washed the parts should be dry, dry or blow dry with a hair dryer. Application of clean oil change pump oil, if using other oils instead will seriously affect the vacuum.

(3) vacuum system and piping connected to the pump should be short, thick, and to minimize joints. The joints should be tightly sealed to ensure that no leaks.

(4) has been pumping gas temperature as higher than 40 ℃, should be added to the gas cooling device. As with droplets condensing dehumidification equipment should be added. If they are pumping gas or oil is corrosive chemical reaction, you should also increase the absorption and neutralization devices.

(5) should be checked before the pump motor rotation direction is correct (check the direction of rotation, you should first remove the drive belt, so as not to reverse the motor oil spray), the lubrication system is reliable, fuel is appropriate.

(6) the oil pump in operation shall not exceed 75 ℃, can not have the noise and vibration, or should be shut down for maintenance.

(7) to close the valve when the pump stops communicating vacuum system and play an open valve, pump oil to avoid being sucked into the vacuum system to go back, and then cut off electrical power.

(8) can not be used to vacuum pumping liquids with low boiling point, therefore, is pumped out of the system should be used in order to use the vacuum pump after the low boiling point solvents.

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