How to install rotary vane vacuum pump

When installing rotary vane vacuum pump must comply with certain rules: a small displacement pump (moving piece and set-piece) should be fixed at a fairly large base, and to take into account when installing the pump, using a process accessible in order to observe its work and replaced with new oil.


Piston pumps should be installed on the foundation, and with bolts, nuts, washers and lock nuts firmly fixed. The pump must be carefully wipe clean with a clean cloth after installation.

Before starting the pump, washing vacuum oil must be used, and then inject the required amount of smoke. When the pump motor and circuit switched on, the belt must be convinced John motor rotation direction is correct.

Therefore, we must be self-drive belt pulley on the pump removed, then turn the motor. If the direction of rotation of the motor pulley and the pump cover coincides with the direction of the pointer, the motor is turned on is not correct (if the motor is standing, then the pulley should rotate clockwise).


After the motor stops rotating, the transmission belt sleeve, is screwed onto the slide plate by fastening bolts tighten it, and finally the motor firmly in place (in this case the pump intake pipe should be sealed).Thereafter, the pump must be manually rotating pulley several turns, then the vacuum pump is turned on, and the measurement limit of the pump caused by its empty. In order to prevent the oil spilling from the inner pump, the pump will not suddenly switched on, but in a shorter time interval Jane Jane, the motor is turned on intermittently several times, each time interval the pump is not greater than the half rotation of the rotor rpm.

In order to limit the amount of its empty side, pressure gauge should be connected directly to the intake manifold of the pump.

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