What is the gland packing seal of the water ring vacuum pump?

As we all know, the main sealing methods of water ring vacuum pumps are gland packing seals and mechanical seals. This article mainly shares relevant knowledge of gland packing seals.

The so-called packing seal is to fill the packing into the pump for sealing. It is a very common sealing method for the water ring vacuum pump. The sealing effect of the packing seal is not as good as mechanical seal. For some applications (such as the paper-making industry), the use of gland packing seals can reduce purchase costs and maintenance costs, and it is easier to replace the packing than to replace the mechanical seal.

The packing photos are shown in Figure 1 below. No matter which model of 2BE pump, the packing on each side of each pump is wound around 5-7 times.

What are the different packing rules required for different pump models? Please see Figure 2 below

What is the gland packing seal of the water ring vacuum pump?

For example, the 2BE3-40 pump requires a 16×16 packing, which needs to be wound 6-7 times and then compacted to achieve a sealing effect.

Pay special attention to the fact that only double-numbered packing can be purchased, so for 15*15 specifications, customers should buy 16*16, and then use it after pressing.

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