The main factors affecting of the vacuum pump fuction

1, the impact of the condensate:

Condensate having insignificant position in a multistage vacuum pump in order to ensure plenty of condensed water vapor can be condensed, pump discharge pressure of water vapor partial pressure higher than necessary to its corresponding full vapor pressure, so the temperature of the condensed water should less than the full temperature at that pressure, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pump body. In addition, the condenser condensing power is also very crucial point, condensation condenser difference, too late to make the steam due to condensation pump directly into the next level, increasing the load after the pump, in order to influence the pump suction. For this reason, the use of case condensate inlet temperature, flow and condenser pump function has a great impact.

2, steam effects:

We used vacuum pumps for steam eruption, is too full of water vapor for the job the media, the situation of steam have a decisive impact on the function of the pump. Wet steam not only affect the pump function, but also corrosion steam nozzle, add the amount of steam pumps that pump operating conditions become unstable.

3, in the leaked effects:

Throughout the disposal process of molten steel, the degree of vacuum systems is followed by molten steel discharge gas reduction and rising. In the early disposal of liquid steel, vacuum level is low, a large amount of gas before the pump suction to demand large, usually use multiple pumps in parallel ways to increase the amount of exhaust systems. And when the vacuum level rising, put gas system also will be cut, in order to decrease the steam consumption, save energy, to be closed before the stage several parallel pumps only. Pump layout in 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B is called before the pump, or call the pre-pumping, B1, B2 called booster. When the full vacuum pump input, B1, B2 open, 3B, 4B pump closure. In the layout system is visible through two check valves and 3B, 4B pump convergence, if the two check valves switch is not in place, there may be leaked to the formation of the impact will give the system, especially the valve will leak form a system short on a pump so that the back pressure is too high and can not be due to normal operation, showing two heavy vacuum representation. Second, the vacuum pump nozzle is composed of two parts, the two parts are by flange convergence, the coupling flange on the vacuum pump in the pump body, if the joint of other reasons because the vapor leak seal is formed, the function of the pump will be formation of.

4, vacuum pump layout effects:

On single-stage vacuum pump, simple wear and tear parts are steam nozzle, after the nozzles are worn, not only affect the pump function, but also add the cost of system operation.

5, environmental impact:

Impact on the environment mainly refers to the system has been pumping gas pollution in the process of disposal of liquid steel, liquid steel will release a lot of gas, together will have some minor oxidation vermicelli vacuum pumps and other small particles are inhaled, these small particles can accumulate adhered to the pump, reducing the flow conductance exhaust pipe, the exhaust extension moment, dropped pump pumping function.

After a long period of theoretical exploration, we think that a greater impact on the function of the pump are: internal leak, the impact of steam, the impact of the pump layout.

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