EVP double stage rotary vane vacuum pump operating instructions

1. Check the oil level, when the vacuum pump stop , It is advisable to note oil to oil the center.Too low, the exhaust valve cannot seal effect, influence the degree of vacuum.Too high, may cause the atmosphere when starting injection.Operation, the oil level was increased, belongs to the normal phenomenon.Oil use evp special clean vacuum pump oil, from oil hole to add , Refueling is finished, you should plug on the spin.Oil should be filtered, to avoid clutter into, block oil hole.when use the rotary piston vacuum pump , roots pump , liquid ring vacuum pump , dry pump , need specific to the analysis .

2. EVP double  stage rotary vane vacuum pump can start together under the general atmosphere or any vacuum.Pump inlet solenoid valve such as loading, should with pump action at the same time.

3. When the environment temperature is too high, oil temperature, viscosity, saturation vapour pressure will increase, will cause extreme vacuum declined, especially with a thermocouple meter measured all the pressure.Such as strengthening the ventilation cooling, or improve the oil pump performance, limit the vacuum can be improved.

4. Check the EVP the limit of two stage rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum will be subject to compression type mercury vacuum gauge, such as vacuum gauge calibration, through full drainage pump temperature to achieve stability, pump directly connected with the vacuum meter, run 30 minutes, will reach the limit of vacuum.Total pressure gauge measurement and the values of the oil pump and the vacuum gauge, gauge error, error sometimes can be very big, can only for reference.

5. Such as relative humidity is higher, or gas is pumped contains more condensable vapor, on being connected to the container, after appropriate open the gas ballast valve, 20 ~ 40 minutes after close the gas ballast valve., before stop the pump valve can be KaiQi town light exercise for 30 minutes, to extend the life of the pump oil.

6. EVP two stage rotary vane vacuum pump oil choice: pump oil viscosity affects the starting power and the limits of the vacuum pump, high viscosity when good for vacuum degree, starting power is larger.Oil in the pump under the temperature of saturated steam pressure will affect the limit the total pressure of the pump, the lower the better.

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