Screw pump can pump hydrogen/oxygen gas

The temperature change during the compression of gas in the cavity of a screw pump is very small, which can be considered as isothermal compression, so it can pump flammable and explosive gases.

If the medium contains particulate matter, a filter like the one shown in the figure below can also be added, but it will slightly affect the pump capacity.

Screw pump can pump hydrogen/oxygen gas

Due to the short and simple gas path inside the screw pump, the screw vacuum pump is relatively insensitive to foreign objects being pumped. This ensures longer system uptime under industrial application conditions.

The two non-contact shaft seals have a wear free structure, resulting in a very long maintenance cycle. For standard applications, there is no need for purge gas protection. But if the process application requires it, the purging gas system can be connected as an option to purge the seal.

Due to the use of cantilever bearings in the rotor arrangement of the screw vacuum pump, potential sources of faults (i.e. the intake side bearing method) are completely eliminated. On the one hand, the lubricating oil of the bearing will not enter the vacuum chamber, and on the other hand, it prevents corrosive process media from damaging the bearing.

The dry screw vacuum pump chamber has no oil lubrication, which can obtain a clean vacuum; The working chamber of the pump and the surface of the spiral rotor are coated with anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to harsh working conditions; When the pump is used in explosion-proof situations, the pump needs to adopt explosion-proof configuration. The gas in the cavity of the screw vacuum pump is always in a uniform linear motion state, and the pump cavity is straight through without a middle partition structure, so solid dust and condensate are not easy to deposit in the pump cavity. If necessary, inflate the pump cavity through the side air inlet to form a blowing airflow and strengthen the removal of solid dust and condensate in the pump cavity.

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