Liquid ring vacuum pump used in biofuel ethanol industry

The automobile, an important invention of the second industrial revolution, provides an important guarantee for the material transportation of human society and promotes the process of history. Since invented the first steam car diesel, petrol cars, its power source are all fossil fuels, however, from the rising international oil prices can clearly recognize that the car is increasingly rely on fossil energy, especially oil dries up, therefore, while we were still unable to synthetic hydrocarbon fuel, we can only be turned to the nature, Using plants to produce fuel substitutes or partial substitutes, biofuel ethanol is expected to be developed and utilized on a large scale to alleviate the current situation of automobile fuel shortage.

biofuel ethanol industry

Biofuel ethanol converts a variety of biomass into fuel alcohol through microbial fermentation. It can be made into ethanol gasoline, either alone or in combination with gasoline, for automobile fuel. Needed to produce fuel ethanol and the origin of materials, mainly divided into sugar raw material, the starch raw material, cellulose raw material and other raw materials, among these, sugar and starch sources mainly food crops such as sugar cane, corn, etc., but the food isn’t every country rich to large-scale production of fuel, such as the most populous countries such as China. Other raw materials mainly refer to the waste liquid of the kraft pulp of the paper mill, the sweet potato starch residue and potato starch residue of the starch mill, etc., and the source of this raw material itself determines that it can not be used for large-scale production, therefore, our focus is now mainly on the fiber raw materials. Cellulose is the most important carbon source in the biological world. The annual dry weight of plants produced by photosynthesis is about 22 billion tons, of which cellulose accounts for 50%. Therefore, cellulosic raw materials have the characteristics of large quantity, and the problem of cellulose digestion has also become the focus of scientists around the world.

According to the definition of the Renewable Energy Act, biomass energy refers to the use of natural plants, waste and urban and rural organic waste into energy. Biofuel is the carrier of biomass energy, generally refers to the solid, liquid or gas fuel composed of biomass or obtained by processing.

Biofuel ethanol is the most widely used renewable energy in the world and also one of the strategic emerging industries that China and other countries focus on cultivating and developing. Biofuel ethanol is a strategic emerging industry connecting agriculture, energy and environmental protection, and will play a greater role in ensuring national food security, solving energy crisis and environmental governance.

On the one hand, as one of the substitutes of traditional petrochemical energy, fuel ethanol can help to further optimize the energy structure, reduce the dependence of oil on external sources, and ensure energy security. On the other hand, biofuel ethanol is the “propeller” of food production and the “regulating valve” of food security. The production and processing of biofuel ethanol can help stabilize food production and is the only realistic way to solve the “problem food”, which can effectively promote the healthy development of agriculture.
At the same time, fuel ethanol is also a clean energy, is the most environmentally friendly oxygen enhancer and octane number promoter of gasoline, can effectively reduce greenhouse gas and PM2.5 emissions, has a positive role in improving the quality of atmospheric environment.

For example, gasoline mixed with ethanol has two functions: one is ethanol octane value up to 115, can replace the pollution of the environment containing lead additives to improve the explosion-proof performance of gasoline; Second, ethanol has a high oxygen content, which can improve combustion and reduce carbon precipitation and carbon oxide emissions from incomplete combustion pollutants in engines. Compared with the volume of bioethanol gasoline and gasoline, the heat value of combustion is about 30% lower. But because only 10%, the calorific value reduction is not significant, and do not need to transform the engine can be used.

The vast majority of fuel ethanol produced by industry is based on food crops, which is limited in scale and unsustainable in the long run. Ethanol of the second generation biofuel based on lignocellulosic is the key to the large-scale replacement of petroleum in the future.

Ethanol has different boiling points during production, depending on its properties. At present, the common operation is carried out in a vacuum environment.
Shanghai EVP is very well used in the industry to provide suitable vacuum products according to the on-site requirements of customers.
1.Operating pressure: 7 torr
2.System volume: 170 m3
3.Material: Stainless steel
4.Temp of air inlet: 47°c
5.Temp of working liquid: 20°c
6.Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase.

According to the above parameters, we choose 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump for our customers.
2BE liquid ring vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 33hpa, and the gas volume is 246m3/h-9450m3/h.

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump

We can also pump a larger speed vacuum pump, such as our 2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 33hpa, and the gas volume is 4200m3/h-62400m3/h

2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump

We can also provide vacuum units to meet customers’ higher vacuum requirements, common Roots-liquid ring vacuum unit, which can achieve 0.5-300Pa limit vacuum!
EVP Vacuum has extensive experience in the vacuum evaporation industry, please feel free to communicate any questions.

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