Can the flange of the molecular pump be reduced?

The molecular pump has a default port size. For example, the flange size of FB-2000 (2000L/s) is 250. If the customer’s equipment only has a 200-diameter, what should we do?

The interface of the EVP brand FB series molecular pump can be changed to a smaller size according to the customer’s needs. The flange can be changed to a smaller size. For example, the FB-2000 interface 250 can be changed to 200. There are two ways:

A: Directly change the pump body interface size to 200

B: The pump body remains unchanged, add a reducing diameter, the reduced diameter changes from 250 to 200

Will changing the diameter result in a decrease in the pumping speed?

Yes, the pumping speed will drop by about 10% after reducing the flange size. Continuing to take FB-2000 as an example, the pumping speed of FB-2000 is about 2000L/s. If it is changed to size 200, the pumping speed of FB-2000 with 20 caliber pump is about 1800 L/s.

Can the flange of the molecular pump be reduced?

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