Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting

The rotary vane type vacuum pumps, in the in operation If the improper operation of the, often will appear failure, For example, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump vacuum degrees decline in, fuel injection, smoke, oil seal Department oil spills, noise and other situation, and the the vacuum pump within the the pump oil emulsification, and and so on on phenomenon. In case this happens, first of all do not panic, shut down after 11 excluded according to the fault. Introduced here a few rule out the Analysis Method About Fault.

A rotary vane vacuum pump smoke and fuel injection: refers to the rotary vane vacuum pump exhaust ports in operation, smoke or fuel injection.
A smoke, if the pump has just begun to operate smoking is normal, if a long smoke is not normal. The solution: smoke of the pump inlet estuary, including piping, valves, container repair. Leak after processing, the smoke will end. Vortex Flowmeter

(2) injection, the inlet estuary leakage point, and even the air inlet exposed to atmosphere. Solution: seal pump inlet port of the pump running, if you do not fuel injection, indicating a tainted point; damage to the exhaust valve, check the exhaust valve is damaged, the replacement of a bad exhaust valve.
Two. Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump noise: here refers to the the noise of the the pump.
Knock the pump is running issue the irregular sound of beating metal sound, like metal. This yes the the sound of the rotary vane in the the issued by the by the hitting pump body. This is mainly between the paired rotary vane spring broken or contraction or pop-up failure in. The solution: rotary vane spring to open the pump to check for damage. Replacement of a good spring.

2 the noise of the exhaust valve, exhaust valve of the pump damaged. Solution: replace a good exhaust valve.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps vacuum drop: refers to the current use of the measured rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum factory index or low vacuum. Caused by the vacuum is low for many reasons, I will introduce some major situation.

(1) The increase of rotary vane vacuum pump oil grades and the original is not the same. Different brands of vacuum pump oil, due to the saturated vapor pressure within the different grades of oil are not the same, so its the results are not the same. Solution: Depending on the type specifications to replace the correct new vacuum pump oil.
In addition due to low vacuum caused by the vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump oil emulsion color, or too dirty. Solution: put all clean pump, vacuum pump oil, the replacement of the same type of vacuum pump oil, and solve the water vapor and impurities in the pumped gas into the pump.

Was pumping gas temperature may be too high. The solution: reduce the temperature of the pumped gas, or can be added to a corresponding heat exchanger.
Oil barrier or poor. Pump, the pump chamber to maintain a certain amount of oil. Solution: Check the oil is smooth, and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.

At 5. The tie in with of the gap is change large. This is a long-term exhaust the body containing dust, etc., resulting in increased wear and tear of the gap between the rotary vane and stator. Solution: check whether the space is too large, the replacement of new parts.

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