2BE liquid ring pump in mining vacuum filter of application

Vacuum filter is a kind of equipment that realizes solid-liquid separation with vacuum negative pressure as the driving force. Under the action of vacuum negative pressure (0.04-0.07MPa), the liquid in the suspension is pumped away through the filter medium (filter cloth), while the solid particles are retained by the medium, thereby realizing the separation of liquid and solid. The filter section is arranged along the horizontal length in the structure, and can continuously complete the operations of filtration, washing, drying, filter cloth regeneration and so on.

Vacuum filter can be widely used in solid-liquid separation in the fields of thermoelectricity, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, paper making, food, pharmacy, rubber, food, environmental protection, etc., especially in the dehydration of gypsum in flue gas desulfurization. .

liquid ring pump in mining vacuum filter

The structure of the vacuum filter is arranged along the horizontal length of the filter section, which can continuously complete operations such as filtration, washing, drying, and filter cloth regeneration.

Vacuum filter is a new type of filtration equipment with a high degree of automation. It is also suitable for the filtration of compressible materials that need to be washed and the dehydration of fine viscous materials.

Our 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely used in the supporting equipment of vacuum filters, and have stable performance. There are a variety of materials to choose from. Such as cast iron, stainless steel 304/316, etc. Welcome to contact us for detailed information.

2BE liquid ring pump in mining vacuum filter of application

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