Vacuum packaging machine use matters needing attention

Cooked food vacuum packaging machine is used widely in the food processing industry a vacuum packaging machine with the main model makes the double chamber vacuum packaging machine, continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine, automatic vacuum packaging machine, stretch film can be apply to food, fruits and vegetables, seafood, frozen meat, bean products, metal fruits, vegetables, pickles, food, fresh meat, fish, meat, spices, tea, coffee, local products, wood used medicinal materials, chemicals, electronics, textiles, machinery parts, precision instrument, instrument, etc., regardless of solid, powder, paste and SAP items can packaging, the concave waterproof type vacuum packing machine is suitable for a SAP.

The following is the matters needing attention in the process of vacuum packaging machine is in use and Suggestions, reference for the use of the general vacuum packaging machine manufacturer.

1, vacuum packaging machine should be in temperature – 10 ℃, 50 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, no corrosive gas in the ambient air, no dust, no explosive dangerous environments.

2, for vacuum packing machine to ensure the normal work of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump motor are not allowed to reverse.Should always check the oil level, oil level is normal oil window 1/2-3/4 point (no more than), when the vacuum pump with water or oil in color black, a new oil should be replaced at this time (usually one or two months to replace a continuous work, with 30 # 1 # vacuum gas or gasoline, oil can also be).

3, impurity filter should often unpick and wash (generally 1-2 months clean, such as packaging fragmented objects should shorten the cleaning time).

4, continuous work should open the back cover 30 2-3 months for sliding parts and switch touch add lubricant, on each connection activity place of heating rod should be according to the condition of using lubrication.

5, for decompression, filtration, oil mist sanlian pieces of 24 to regularly check, ensure the oil mist and oil cup (sewing machine oil), oil filter without water in the cup.

Article 6, heating, silica gel to keep clean, must not with foreign body, so as not to affect the sealing quality.

7, heating rods, heating the sticky paste insulation effect on the second floor, when there is any breakage should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to avoid short circuit.

8, the user should bring along their own air supply and inflatable air, vacuum packaging machine working pressure is set to 0.3 MPa, more appropriate, without special circumstances not adjust too much.

9, vacuum packaging machine in the process of handling are not allowed to tilt place and the impact, more can’t put down handling.

10, vacuum packaging machine must have a reliable grounding device when installation.

11, it is forbidden to put hand in heating rods, in case of injury in emergency immediately cut off power supply.

12, ventilation before electricity at work, when stop after the first power to snuff out.

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