How to accurately grasp the oil change cycle of vacuum pump oil

The use and replacement of vacuum pump oil directly affect the service life of vacuum pump, which is an important step in the maintenance of vacuum pump. However, the replacement time given by general manufacturers is a relatively general time, so how to grasp the oil change cycle of vacuum pump oil more accurately? Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about how often the vacuum pump oil needs to be replaced!

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The following factors shall also be taken into consideration when the vacuum pump oil manufacturer proposes to replace it:

1. Vacuum pump brand: there are three kinds of vacuum packaging machine: domestic pump, joint venture pump and imported pump. The price of domestic pump is cheap, and that of imported pump is expensive. Vacuum pump brand is different, the frequency of oil change is also different, specific to carefully read the instructions of vacuum pump or vacuum packaging machine with the instructions. It is worth mentioning that domestic pumps or joint venture pumps are generally selected for the external vacuum packaging machine because it only vacuumizes the bags, while imported vacuum pumps are selected for the high efficiency of food vacuum packaging machine, especially the customized vacuum packaging machine, which has higher requirements for pumps

2. Vacuum pump oil brand: the vacuum pump oil has domestic oil and imported oil. Although the price of domestic oil is like cheap, the oil change frequency is also high. If the domestic vacuum pump oil is used for 500 hours, it needs to be changed once, and the imported vacuum pump oil can be used for 2000-3000 times. Of course, it is also related to vacuum pump.

3. Packaged products: This is a factor that can not be ignored. Packaged aquatic products or powdered products change oil more frequently than packaged solids, because part of the moisture will be pumped into the vacuum pump. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will cause great loss to the vacuum pump and damage the vacuum pump

vacuum pumps oil

The recommended time for vacuum pump oil change is as follows:

1. It is recommended to change the vacuum pump oil once every 3-6 months (the specific replacement time needs to be further confirmed according to your site use)

2. The service life of vacuum pump oil depends on the working environment. When clean and dry gas is extracted and the working temperature is lower than 100 ℃, the oil must be changed every 500-2000 working hours or every half a year.

3. The specific oil change cycle is also related to the vacuum pump itself. For example: slide valve pump: first oil change: 250 hours (pump and gearbox) successive oil change: 1000 hours (Gearbox). The oil change cycle of the pump depends largely on the process, because the slide valve pump usually works in a dirty and harsh environment; roots pump: first oil change: 500 Hours; successive oil changes: 3000 hours or per year.

vacuum pump oils

4. In very bad working environment, the oil must be changed within 500 working hours.

5. The odor of new oil is mild, and that of mineral oil is slightly stronger than that of synthetic oil. If the oil is polluted or reacts, the smell will change obviously, so it is necessary to change the oil in time.

6. When the color of the vacuum pump oil becomes dark and brown, the oil should be changed. If the pump oil is not changed frequently, the temperature of the vacuum pump will be too high, the vacuum degree will be poor, and the exhaust oil mist will be large.

7. When the liquid level of vacuum pump oil changes greatly, it should be noted that if the liquid level rises a lot without refueling, it is necessary to consider whether there is condensable gas integrated in the pump oil. If the liquid level drops a lot, see if there is oil injection or long-term air pumping, oil mist is too large to cause serious oil consumption.

8. The length of oil change period shall be considered in combination with oil consumption, use frequency and later maintenance

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