Focus Pump Industry Direction of Technological Innovation: lightweight and modular

Chairman of China Society of Automotive Engineers pay in the military recently said that with the need for energy conservation, development of intelligent automotive industry is destined to occur disruptive change. Modular Lightweight and future trends in the automotive industry, advanced lightweight materials such as aluminum, composites, carbon fiber materials will be widely used in the automotive field. “Before 2050, the electric drive is still not fully replace the internal combustion engine-driven, in the meantime, water pump, oil pump will also face the challenge of lightweight, modular development.”

To lead the trend of the internal combustion engine industry pumps and oil pump industry, accurately grasp the development trend of pump technology is the basic skills. Pump technology development as the development of other industries, is driving the market demand by acquired. Today, under the environmental protection, electronics and other high-tech development in the field of sustainable development and the world dominated by the enormous demand for the background, for many industries or areas, including industry, including pumps have brought rapid change and development of technology .

Energy saving technology innovation needs

As technology advances, the pumps bound to intelligent direction, capable of pressure, flow, temperature and vibration monitoring parameters; able to pump shaft, bearings and seals to assess the situation; possible reasons for failure diagnosis and the like, diaphragm pump technology industry will focus reflected in the design of the electronic control system, improve the drive and search for new materials and other aspects.

Manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing is the fundamental guarantee for cheap products. Through the use of advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, not only to ensure the quality of the product design and shorten the design cycle, greatly improving the product design capabilities to achieve the optimal design of the program, to ensure the reliability of the product. Meanwhile, the computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) and application virtualization technology, greatly reducing the production cycle pumps to ensure that the performance of the product.

Molecular pump technology is an important trend Pump technology. In the modular pump series, you only need a few parts can constitute the entire pump series, which can reduce production costs, shorten lead times, reduce inventory of parts and kept, and personalized product development requires the gradual trend towards more variety in the direction of the development of small quantities.

Traditional manufacturing and information technologies

As the market requires manufacturers of the goods as short as possible, especially for special products (for user request product) to shorten lead times, inevitably require pumps, the company accelerate the use of CAM technology and even computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), flexible manufacturing (FMC and FMS) for coordinated from design to manufacture molds, parts processing and other aspects of treatment to ensure once the design is complete, the process tends to earlier parts of the product is completed to ensure that shorten the production cycle.

At the same time, in addition to the use of computer graphics will realize the strength of the product outside of the carrier on a computer analysis, reliability estimates, and three-dimensional design, the original need to identify and solve problems in the production process, and the assembly of the local structural problems and other aspects of pre-production were raised to prevent and shorten the trial of the product.

The intrinsic properties of the so-called pump means the inherent characteristics of the product, including product performance, quality components, machine assembly quality, appearance, quality, etc., or simply call quality. At this point, the pump is present, many manufacturers are concerned, but also strive to further increase the improvement. In fact, we can see that there are many products in the factory tested to meet latecomer to use the unit to run, often less than the factory factory testing results, such as an overload occurs, the noise increases, using mainly the lower life expectancy, etc. issues; in practice, in which the pump operating point or operating characteristics, which we call the external characteristics of the pump or system characteristics.

Technical personnel in product design, in order to improve the efficiency of one percent of a product often takes a lot of thought; and efficient pump operation if the deviation from the design point, the efficiency is far more than the actual running of one percent lower. Now, the pump manufacturer for users while supporting control equipment and equipment including the frequency, including, in fact, involved in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump. On this basis, and then focus on centralized control system of pumps, pumps and pumping stations to improve overall operational efficiency, it is a higher level in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump.

From the sales point of view, to sell products that are in the marketing of the intrinsic properties of the pump; the concern is the external characteristics of the pump manufacturer not only sell products, but also in the marketing of the pumping station (complete projects). From the use of perspective, a good product must be suitable for the operating environment of the product rather than the product factory testing discrimination.

Over the past decade, the use of new materials and new technology is to promote the development of pump technology as a major factor. Pump material from cast iron to special metal alloys, from rubber products, ceramics and other typical non-metallic materials to plastics in resolving pump corrosion, abrasion resistance, the temperature and other environmental play a prominent role. While the use of new technology, and new materials to make better use of the pump parts and the whole pump them. For example, some foreign manufacturers have designed and launched all made using plastic pump. Compared with the general metal material production pump favorably on strength, superior in wear and corrosion resistance. Another example is the use of new surface coating technology and surface treatment technology, solve the same pump corrosion and wear problems. With the deepening of the further development and use of new technology and new materials, used in the pump area will be more extensive.

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