Newest SV-020 Specially designed for packaging machines

Newest SV-020 Specially designed for packaging machines

SV series vacuum pump as star model of EVP, which has enjoyed fast sales in the world market, with many years experience in this particular line of business, we keep upgrading in technology.
SV020 is a new type of rotary vane pump specially designed for vacuum packing machine by EVP VACUUM SOLUTION. It has small shape, compact structure, more space saving, low noise and little vibration.
According to customer feedback, this model is more stable in performance operation. Compared with most rotary vane pumps on the market, our pumps have the following advantages:

1.The exhaust port can be set on the top or side according to customer requirements to meet different needs.

SV020 is a new type of rotary vane pump

2.Compared with other rotary vane pumps on the market, each pump is equipped with anti-oil device to prevent pump oil from returning into the vacuum system.

3.Before leaving the factory, each pump through strict quality control!Ensure the perfect operation of the pump.

4.No leakage and good sealing performance. For example, we used fluorine rubber seal between the oil tank and the pump head. Compared with other pumps on the market, they used paper pads sealed.
Ensure our products long service life!

5.The machine is light and compact, the motor and pump coaxial direct transmission, smooth operation.

6.It can operate sustainably in the range of extreme vacuum to full atmospheric pressure.
7.Equipped with switch power button, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

If you are interested in our new rotary vane pump, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your consultation.
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