Large military screw vacuum pump customization

The military industry sector is a cross industry collection, including many sub industries related to national defense and military industry. Sometimes we also call it the military industry. As an advanced manufacturing industry, the military industry is a national strategic industry. Different from other single industries, the military industry is a huge industry group composed of many sub industries. From the perspective of investment, our general industry is divided into seven sub industries: nuclear industry, aviation industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, ordnance industry, military electronics industry and other supporting industries.

Next, we will introduce the customization of screw vacuum pump for large military industry. If you want to know more about screw vacuum pump, please continue to read or click to contact us for more information.

Large military screw vacuum pump customization

Screw vacuum pump of power supply mode

Screw vacuum pump needs power supply in use and can be used in power supply equipment normally, but the power supply method is different. The efficiency varies with the mode of power supply. Here we introduce the power supply mode.

1. Screw vacuum pump because the extraction medium is “water or liquid”, so the proportion is very large. The working medium of micro vacuum pump and micro air pump is “gas” with light specific gravity. Therefore, the working current of the vacuum pump is generally larger than that of the latter, about 1 ~ 10 amperes, but the working current of the latter is generally not from a few hundred milliamperes to a few amperes.

2. Battery is the general term of battery. The principle is different from the dry battery, because it can provide large current and power, so it is widely used in electric vehicles, cars and other mobile vehicles, agricultural spraying, field sampling and other power shortage.

3. The common dry battery (such as 1.5V No.1 battery) has large internal resistance, small current supplied by itself, and most of the voltage is consumed by internal resistance, so the voltage drop is fast. From the point of view of power and service time, it is suitable for the power supply of screw vacuum pump.

Basically, the screw vacuum pump power supply mode is these, choose the appropriate power supply mode, make the operation smooth. Only proper power supply mode can reduce the payment of some costs and play a great role in improving the operation efficiency of the equipment.

screw vacuum pump customization

Screw vacuum pump of accessories

With the development of science and technology and industrial level, it is obviously unable to meet people’s needs. Therefore, many auxiliary devices are equipped in the use of screw vacuum pump to increase performance to meet people’s needs.

1. When the pumped gas contains dust, a filter should be installed in front of the intake pipe.

2. When the pumped gas contains a lot of steam, a condenser should be installed in front of the intake pipe.

3. when the pump gas contains corrosive gas, the neutralization device should be installed before entering the oil-free screw vacuum pump.

4. when the pump gas temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Add cooling device.

5. When there is a large amount of liquid in the pumping gas, a separator should be installed in the intake pipe.

6. The starting current of oil-free screw vacuum pump often exceeds several times of the rated current of motor, so it should be equipped with corresponding starting switch.

Screw vacuum pump is equipped with different accessories for different environments, which not only does not increase the burden of the equipment itself, but also improves the work efficiency, so that it can play its due role in different environments.

screw vacuum pump

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