liquid ring vacuum pump of the temperature

The temperature of the operating fluid of the liquid ring vacuum pump should not exceed 40C in theory, and the suction medium should not exceed 70C.

Then, what if the pumping medium of the pump is 90°C, can the liquid ring vacuum pump be used? What is the service life of 304 stainless steel impeller vacuum pump?

If the medium composition will not cause any corrosion to 304, and the water temperature will not be too high to cause cavitation, how many years can it be used at normal temperature at this time, then how many years can it be used at this temperature. Theoretically, the design life is no problem. However, the actual service life has a lot to do with the working conditions and the customer’s use conditions. Temperature is only a variable that may affect the service life. It is impossible to judge whether it will affect the service life if it is taken out alone. Our design life is 20 years。

When the liquid ring vacuum pump is used as liquid ring compressor, the suction medium temperature is 70 degrees is also acceptable.

In addition, the maximum ambient temperature of the 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump cannot exceed 40 degrees, mainly because the motor is not allowed. If the ambient temperature used is higher than 40, the insulation level of the motor needs to be improved. If it is used outdoors, heat insulation layer or heating tape can be added to the pump and pipeline.

liquid ring vacuum pump of the temperature

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