How to use vacuum pump oil

(1) the window of the filling must be clean, it is strictly prohibited in the sunlight and in the open air, and to be stored in a dark, dry and ventilated places, being mixed with water and dust.

(2) prevent sundries mixed with oil, the wear of the pump.

(3) different grades and different types of vacuum pump oil won’t mix, old and new oil can not mix.

(4) strictly avoid vacuum oil mixed with other lubricants, more can not be mixed with light oil, whether will affect the vacuum performance.

(5) vacuum pump should avoid pumping solvent, water vapor and corrosive gas, etc., must be available to regular inspection, regular oil changes.

(6) should be used in the pump body when oil change old oil discharge, will slowly turn the pump shaft, after new oil into cleaning the pump cavity to the best of residual oil, several times repeated cleaning, such as in new oil after wash.

(7) pump overhaul must be solvent or detergent will pump parts clean, dry and parts.

(8) gas appliances must be special equipment, should not be in any other product or solvent containers.

(9) mineral oil and ester oil or other synthetic oil swap, should will be thoroughly clean the pump apart.Including all the parts are to be impregnated in ester oil to prevent pollution.

(10) exposure to chemicals and solvents, to affect the vacuum pump oil pollution, it must be for cleaning oil change process.

(11) oil change period:

A. when the vacuum pump , oil diffustion vacuum pump oil drop, can’t satisfy the need;
B. when the pump oil color darker, brownish, shall be an oil change



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