Highlights Overhaul Water Ring Vacuum Pump

When using any machine needs to be regular inspection and maintenance, so as to make the water ring vacuum pump run better, the following access points to introduce water-ring vacuum pump:
1, the water ring vacuum pump diaphragm replacement, dismantling the pump head should be lifted in advance to prevent drop damage;
2, when the piston removal, use special packing ring from a pointed tool to remove the tank, be careful not to damage the ring groove;
3, the adjustment mechanism disassembly To calibrate the stroke length position (stroke length of 5mm), remove the scale table, with the scale calibration slide ring position, stroke length measurements should be fully consistent with the scale of the table;
4, water ring vacuum pumps Worm To check, its teeth should be intact and should not have cracks or broken teeth, the installation should check the meshing situation;
5, the water ring vacuum pump check valve seal ring should note whether the aging deformation, the spring tension is severely reduced, and the spool valve port for wear, corrosion and other defects, the installation of the valve face should be flat with the pump flange not recessed.
Different machines, its maintenance points are different, only regular maintenance points on the water ring vacuum pump to be checked, so as to help you use and can improve its efficiency.


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