The installation of the vacuum pump

1vacuum pump shall be installed in the ground of strong or hard place , should be sufficient leeway around, to facilitate inspection, maintenance, maintenance.

2, The foundation of the vacuum pump installation should keep the ground level, the corners of the base proposal cushion damping rubber or bolted pouring system installation, keep the vacuum pump running smoothly and little vibration.

3, vacuum pump and vacuum system piping shall be reliable sealing, for small vacuum pump can adopt metal pipe seal oil resistant rubber, for a small vacuum pump can adopt vacuum hose connection, pipe diameter shall not be smaller than the vacuum pump suction pipe diameter, pipe and require short and less elbow.(when the welding line should eliminate welding slag in the pipeline, it is strictly prohibited to welding slag into the vacuum chamber.)

4, in the connecting line, you can install over the vacuum pump inlet valve and vacuum gauge, to check the limit of the vacuum pump pressure at any time.

5, connect the power supply as stipulated in the motor signs and ground wire and install the appropriate specification of the fuse and the thermal relay.

6, vacuum pump, electric test run, must remove the motor belt, confirm the vacuum pump to meet the prescribed direction can be put into use, in case the vacuum pump reverse injection.(to press the shield direction)

7, or a vacuum pump with water, turn on the cooling water by the regulation.
8 when installing electromagnetic valve, such as vacuum pump, valve and vacuum pump .

9, when the vacuum pump or vacuum system exhaust gases affect the working environment, can receive in exhaust pipe from the oil mist filter or assembling.


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