Some recommendations for vacuum system design selection

1,How to select the vacuum system

Select the pump working pressure vacuum equipment should meet the ultimate vacuum and working pressure requirements; each pump has a certain working pressure range, the pump operating point should be selected to work within this range; check to make sure the exhaust and the type of process requirements suction capacity. To analyze the characteristics of the gas, such as corrosion resistance, cohesive strength and so on. Because if the pumped gas species react with the liquid pump, the vacuum system will be contaminated. At the same time must be considered to determine the appropriate time and pumping exhaust gases produced during the foot.

Vacuum pressure in its work should be able to discharge all the amount of gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment; determining volume vacuum system. Check to make sure the time to reach the required degree of vacuum required, flow resistance and leak vacuum channel. Considered to meet the requirements to maintain the vacuum degree of vacuum after the required process requirements under certain conditions pumping rate; correct combination vacuum pump, the main pump and determine the appropriate level before the pump ratio; designed vacuum line, should as far as possible short and thick pipeline, usually not less than the diameter of the vacuum pump inlet.

In the design of the vacuum system should improve the sealing system and reduce the leakage rate of the system to choose the right sealing materials; actual pumping liquid ring vacuum pump liquid volumetric flow and related work. The working fluid, the higher the vapor pressure, the working fluid vacuum Pump inlet steam condensation effect worse, vacuum suction volume flow is smaller. Recommended to choose the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid at the same time lower the temperature of the working fluid to be controlled; for pumping high freezing point of substance gases, such as glycerol, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane siloxane and hexamethyltrisiloxane etc. gas, in order to avoid these gases condense deposited into the Roots pump, the need to improve the Roots pump temperature, such as through the heated nitrogen to improve pump temperature; vacuum system design to adopt new technologies, so that automatic control and interlock protection.

2:Re-examine the oil pump system
Examine the traditional vantage point of energy saving oil pump vacuum system is that each industry must face the problem today. The traditional oil-free concept just to get a clean, non-contaminated hydrocarbon vacuum environment. Today’s “oil-free” in addition to meet the technological requirements of the vacuum cleaner environment, external exhaust also protect the environment, prevent pollution and exhaust emissions from waste oil.

Traditional oil vacuum system (2X-type rotary vane vacuum pump), energy efficiency is generally low, especially in the oil diffusion pump oil booster staggering, is simply “electric tiger”, it is in this context, molecular pump to be popular in the area φ400 mm below the great potential to replace conventional diffusion pump it. Φ250mm same pump, diffusion pump power is five times larger than the molecular pump, showing big waste of energy. If this trend continues, there is the oil market space vacuum system is bound to become narrower and narrower.

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