Liquid ring vacuum pump used in grain industry

I.Vacuum conveying

Vacuum suction and delivery of gas is the most basic application of liquid ring air pump. The difference is that its daily purpose is not to form a vacuum in a container, but to pump gas in and out through the formed vacuum. It has two characteristics. First, some equipment is generally set in the right part of the gas pipe, In other words, the pressure loss along the pipeline is greater than the local loss. If the gas gun is sent to a predetermined place through the pump, the pump should have a certain discharge pressure. The inlet is used as a vacuum pump, and the outlet is used as a press. Therefore, the pressure loss should be divided into three parts, We should also calculate the characteristics of the pump when the outlet is the external atmospheric pressure through similarity determination, and select the type of pump accordingly.

Vacuum suction and delivery of gas is the most basic application of liquid ring air pump

It uses the force generated by the pressure difference between vacuum and atmospheric space to do work. Because this mechanical energy has the characteristic of uniform pressure everywhere, these vacuum equipment are widely used in the grain, flour, and feed industries. The vacuum pump installed at the end of the conveying system is used to suck the air in the system, so that a negative airflow below atmospheric pressure is formed in the conveying pipe. The material enters the pipe from the starting point with the suction nozzle along with the atmosphere, and is conveyed to the end separator with the airflow Material particles are separated from the air flow by the action of gravity and centrifugal force, and the gas is discharged into the atmosphere by a vacuum pump or a centrifugal fan after dust removal.

Vacuum conveying equipment is mainly used for grain loading and unloading in the grain industry. It can be placed in ports, docks, silos or bulk material storage points to suck up the materials and send them to receiving points such as granaries. Vehicles do not require special modification, and are ideal equipment for conveying bulk materials in grain and other powder and granular systems. It can realize long-distance vertical conveying, and the operation is convenient. The whole machine has reliable performance, dust-free operation, small loss of loading and unloading and conveying materials, and high work efficiency. And small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy installation, low noise, no vibration, and convenient maintenance. The use of negative pressure conveying method for processing and transportation can improve the working environment of various grain facilities, reduce the wear of equipment due to dust, protect operators from dust on the body, prevent dust explosions, and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Of dust pollution. It has huge social and environmental benefits.

II.Vacuum dust removal

In our country’s grain in and out of the warehouse, dumping operations, and production and processing, especially in the process of grain transfer, the dust generated is large, the working environment is harsh, and what is more serious is that a large amount of dust is very likely to cause powder explosion, which will cause the people to explode. The safety of life and national property brings serious hidden dangers. In the modern production field of the grain industry, the requirements for dust are getting higher and higher. The cleanliness of the production environment is not only a necessary prerequisite to ensure the high quality of certain products, but also has important significance for improving the production environment, protecting personal health, and avoiding secondary pollution.

The vacuum dust removal method is green and environmentally friendly, which not only improves the working environment of various food facilities, protects personal health and prevents dust from flying and dust explosions, but also reduces dust pollution to the surrounding environment. Vacuum dust removal has the characteristics of flexible layout, convenient use, high collection rate, wide effective collection range, and strong operational reliability. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and the hazard of dust to the body while reducing secondary pollution.

In the vacuum dust removal process of the liquid ring vacuum pump, it is recommended to install a filter to prevent particles from entering the pump and causing damage to the pump. Below picture is for reference only.

vacuum dust removal process of the water ring pump

III.Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method in which items are put into an airtight container and then vacuumed before the container is sealed, so that there is basically no air in the sealed container. Vacuum packaging method is also called vacuum packaging method or exhaust packaging method. This kind of packaging can prevent outside water vapor from entering the packaging container, and can also prevent the humid air from being stored in the closed moisture-proof packaging and dew condensation when the temperature drops. When using the vacuum packaging method, care must be taken to avoid excessive vacuum.

Liquid ring vacuum pump used in grain industry

At present, the processing and preservation of foodstuffs and oilseeds are basically in a low-level and extensive state, and the cold storage conditions in our country cannot be compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan. This causes a large amount of agricultural product loss and waste of resources. Vacuum packaging can maintain the quality and nutritional content of root food and clothing products, which is highly valued by the food industry.

In addition to the control of external temperature and sterility, it is more important to control the appropriate gas environment of grain to achieve the desired purpose of preservation. No matter what way, it is necessary to extract the air from the packaging bag, and then heat seal it. Its main features are: reducing the oxygen content of the bag, inhibiting the growth and development of mold and bacteria, controlling the deterioration of grain, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation and quality. In addition, after vacuum packaging, it can also resist mechanical pressure and reduce vibration, which is not only conducive to long-distance transportation, but also conducive to sales. It is mainly used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, light industry, pharmacy, papermaking, metallurgy, building materials and electrical appliances, food, coal washing, mineral processing, fertilizer and other industries. In many processes of industrial production, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying, vacuum drying, vacuum drying, etc Vacuum moisture regain and vacuum degassing are widely used. Because the gas compression in liquid ring vacuum pump is isothermal, it can pump out flammable and explosive gas (equipped with explosion-proof motor) and gas containing dust and water. When the pump body material is corrosion-resistant material, it can also pump corrosive gas?

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