The china pump valve maket development in the furture

After the country experience a new round of macroeconomic regulation and control policy, the development of all kinds of industries have also entered a new period of development. They are mainly reflected in such as energy, chemical, metallurgical and other industries affected by the strengthening of national policy, the development momentum is more tend to be more rational.And the influence on the market, many industries overbuilt products appeared, especially like pump valve industry including vacuum pump and vacuum valve  – the quality of products, enterprises have to fall in to the market demand for low let pump valve vicious price competition.To this, the personage inside course of study says, the production capacity of pump valve market in China has been beyond the actual demand of the market, “high, fine, sharp” development is the trend of The Times.

In the year 2014 Pump valve enterprise of our country has more than half in shortage of capital chain development difficult.Although the Chinese pump valve manufacturing enterprises in the world belongs to the most, but we should be objective to see, among which there are still a lot of it is to belong to the sort of small cottage industry enterprises.Product quality is low, material consumption, severe resource waste problems exposed more apparent.Underfunded by technology, lack of management experience, repeated production problems, the influence of the development of our country a lot of pump valve enterprise has been in massification development level of science and technology content is low.In some key pump valve on the demand of still have to rely on import from abroad, to say the technology content is not high, product quality is not high, has become the bottleneck of breakthrough in the valve industry in China.

Recognizing a problem exists objectively, went up from the fundamental solution.Market, market analysts believe that China’s pump valve must go and innovation of science and technology, management and market development, only produce the “high, fine, sharp” pump valve products, can fundamentally reverse development.

The top priority is finishing regulate the development of the market.To this, the country’s industrial development, an insider said: only set up the standard market order, strengthen market supervision, to fundamentally solve the problem.For this, turn off some serious resource waste, low levels of production technology of manufacturing enterprises is a kind of policy, and guide enterprises to “high, fine, sharp” development way to usher in the spring of the pump valve industry development of our country.

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