The influence of economic crisis on vacuum pump

Since reform and opening up, China’s vacuum pump industry development by leaps and bounds, has obtained certain achievement.This is on the one hand, thanks to the rapid growth of the national economy, the rapid development of industrial production, there is an increasing demand for all kinds of vacuum pump ,such as water ring vacuum pump , rotary vane vacuum pump , oil diffusion vacuum pump , roots vacuum pump and so on ,On the other hand, thanks to China’s scientific research and technology changes with each passing day, also contributed to the new vacuum pump technology constantly.No matter on the output, yield, or specifications, the vacuum pump industry to achieve the all-round development of our country.Think of China vacuum network under the country promote the building of industry, vacuum pump enterprises as long as you seize the opportunity, according to market demand to adjust the industrial structure, vigorously promote independent research and development and innovation, the promising prospects of vacuum pump industry in our country.

But China’s vacuum network through the analysis of international economic situation in recent years, have come to some factors unfavorable to the vacuum pump industry development in our country.

The us subprime mortgage crisis erupted in 2008, and gradually spread to the global financial storm.In the global economic integration today, has been deeply into all walks of life, the financial storm has certain effects on the vacuum pump industry in China still.While under the condition of our country in the world economy is still maintaining the momentum of growth, but because our country’s economic policy was stable, broad market, also caused our country become a haven for the world economy.An influx of hot money in the China’s steel market price volatility of stock type, vacuum pump industry with steel as raw materials, the rising cost of raw materials will bring huge impact vacuum pump industry.And at the same time, in today’s environment pressure increase gradually, the iron and steel industry are also carrying on the transformation of environmental protection, makes the vacuum pump industry is facing the risk of shortage of raw materials.

Therefore, global economic integration is both a blessing and a curse for vacuum pump industry in China, on the one hand, is conducive to the vacuum pump industry in our country develop the international market, the vacuum pump such as liquid ring vacuum pump , rotary vane vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump , roots vacuum pump improve the level of independent innovation, on the other hand also increased the economic crisis brings the risk of industry.Vacuum pump industry enterprises in China should avoid disadvantages, keep a clear head, a reasonable grasp the international economic situation, to adapt to the development trend of the global economy, achieve better development.

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