How to deal with SK series water ring vacuum pump pollution

SK series liquid ring vacuum pump inexpensive, simple operation, easy maintenance, can extract corrosive, flammable gas, but also dust extraction, water gas, it is widely used in food, machinery, petroleum, ceramics , chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar refining, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industries.

But in the long-term use, water ring pumps pollution problem is that many vacuum pump manufacturers headache question. So in the maintenance of water ring pumps use more pickling, hammer and other means of pump chamber cleaning cleanup work, this is a simple and easy to repair the equipment, but because of the use of process conditions become complicated, time-consuming work is often consumed damage to equipment, greatly reducing the life of the equipment. For example, a company workshop SK-20-type liquid ring vacuum pump because of scaling problems Depot Repair damage and increased production costs. Therefore, our company works for the water pump, considering the use and installation of some shortcomings, the following improvements and measures:

First, do not use the exhaust pipe up through the cyclone strike, instead of using the exhaust pipe downward trend

Because the water ring pump displacement is limited, high and far away, is not conducive to the discharge gas pump, the pump impeller speed operation and high temperatures generated by the friction of water vapor condensation in the pump chamber, and thus have a scale. The exhaust pipe to go down after the rapid discharge of water vapor can be down in favor of volatile vapor, reducing erosion and pump attachment.

Second, more than one water ring vacuum pump does not use the exhaust pipe series and parallel connection, I am currently using this connection many ways, instead of using a single pump single exhaust pipe.

Because they use more than one pump, the compression and discharge time are not synchronized, causing the exhaust gas to each other between multiple pumps impact, is not conducive to the discharge of water vapor, prone to scale, it is necessary to transform the exhaust duct.

Third, the strict implementation of equipment operating procedures, require the operator must open the drain valve after each use water ring pumps, the pump chamber containing corrosive or other hazardous substances discharged water, so as not to remain in the pump chamber, the equipment for erosion.

I based on the above three points, and equipment used for the status quo, the following transformation measures (Figure 3), but also to achieve the purpose of energy saving, increasing the equipment operating cycle, reducing damage to equipment malfunction. In this way you can effectively solve the problem of water ring vacuum scale.

Water pump into the drainage forming a closed-loop cycle, in accordance with a certain proportion of water added to detergents, the drain water pump recycling participation, while solving the scaling problem, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. This method can either use a single vacuum pump, multiple pumps can also be used simultaneously.

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