Vacuum pump observation window design and structure type

Vacuum pump observation window design
① perspective pump observation windows should meet the requirements of the observation site, in this condition, keep it simple and compact structure.

② for observation windows at high temperatures, do not let the seals should be considered directly affected by thermal radiation. For larger viewing window may be designed with a water-cooling structure or the heat shield.

③ vacuum pump chamber without lights, when they observed a dark object, structure or design should consider the design of the observation window with auxiliary lights.

④ observation window glass can be a single layer. Bilayer can also be used. Single transparency simple structure. Under normal circumstances the use of a single layer.

Sometimes for safety reasons or to prevent condensation Swiss glass window, and the use of double.

⑤ vacuum glass observation window commonly used quartz glass, heat-resistant glass, tempered glass.

Structure type vacuum pump of an observation window

Vacuum observation window there are many types, especially the use of the pump or rotary vane vacuum pump, the observation window is designed to work directly affects the health of the entire vacuum equipment, if the design is not accurate, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of the enterprise bring production losses. Now several species observation window are summarized below:

① single glass observation window

② observation window baffled

③ with observation window wiping sheet

④ observation window with a water-cooled

⑤ can move the observation glass observation window

⑥ transparent polyethylene film viewing window

⑦ special sealing material viewing window

⑧ strobe flash frequency observation window observation window works: people have some residual vision of time. Intermittent imaging in the residual time has no effect on human observation. Such as the human visual residual time is about 0.1S. If the viewing window is less than 0.1S imaging every time. People will be able to observe a continuous image.

This observation window higher cost. Generally used in the smelting equipment. During the rule of practice to prevent metal vapor or other substances stain glass to observe the impact of live observation smelting area.

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