Rotary vane vacuum pump exhaust air injection for two reasons

Rotary vane vacuum pump is the common equipment use of the gas collection and vacuum to obtain, but some customers in the use of the rotary-vane vacuum pump will encountered vent gas discharge of oil, how can we solve the phenomenon of exhaust air injection at this time , first we need to find out the reasons of the problem.


However, under normal circumstances, vacuum pump exhaust air injection has caused by two reasons:


First: Obtaining excessive vacuum pump oil, leading to a vacuum pump with vacuum oil outlet at work, so we should to add vacuum pump oil vacuum pump to ensure that the pump can work more stable.


Second: Denominated in sealed solvent is too big, choose the vacuum pump suction rate is too small.

Everyone knows vacuum pump is a kind of rotary varactor machine, vacuum pump must be a backing pump with just can use in a wider range of pressure pumping speed, greatly to be pumping gas containing dust and water vapor and is not sensitive to the vacuum pump is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic plating, etc.


In addition, we must to normal manufacturer to purchase in accordance with our production process equipment, it can not only safer use, also can largely improve the work efficiency,


With the expansion of the vacuum technology in various application domains, the growing demand straight league rotary vane pumps.Because of this pump number, processing and assembling workload is very big, the price is very low, so some foreign vacuum manufacturers set up plants in China.Domestic small and medium sized straight league rotary vane pump technically already pass, prices are far cheaper than foreign pump, so domestic pump has a competitive advantage, the key is to solve the shaft seal leakage and rotary vane materials and vacuum pump oil performance quality problems, ensure that straight league pump in high speed, high temperature performance is stable and reliable operation, and to further improve the domestic straight league rotary vane pumps besides water vapor ability.

Solution of the vacuum pump oil leakage


Oil leakage often appear in the process of using a vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil, the oil leakage problem is easy to see from the outside.


Oil should be and injection phase identification.These all should take measures to prevent.Bad is because oil waste, contaminated sites, the environment, not hazardous to observe, also can affect the health of operator.From mechanical pump discharge of oil vapor should also use the thin rubber tube from the pump intake away from work place, so, also can make one thousand injection to avoid polluting the environment.For some pump oil, someone once research and points out the toxic substances. And we should pay attention to protection.This aspect should also belong to one of the responsibilities of the maintenance workers.


Mechanical vacuum pump oil leakage position in the shaft seal, oil drain hole, the place such as oil window, fuel tank, the main reason is that the wear time is too long, seal damage or poor assembly – not pressure caused by uneven force – and to tighten the screws.Found a leak somewhere, maintenance workers and the operator shall immediately take measures to should not accustomed to, don’t think “indisposition” wound jedaiah and to stop it.Otherwise, in the long term will cause pump leakage or damage.Oil is not difficult to solve, just released first pump oil, open leakage can be put to exchange the seals.Before has introduced the solution to the shaft seal leakage of oil drain hole leakage, available lead plate, rubber paper board, vacuum oil resistant rubber plate made mat change, such as the seal leakage of oil window and others can also processing.Enclosure itself with leakage is relatively rare, more caused by sand holes, can be used epoxy resin plugging agent such as it will block,this oil leakage problem solved.

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