301 companies gathered in Dasi pump Exhibition Center 730 booths highlighting the versatility services charm

Dasi pump exhibition center, located in China’s rural Pump Town, Wenling City, 500 Chinese enterprises invested by Shanghai People Enterprise Group, covering an area of 107 acres, with a total investment of 600 million yuan, of which, pumps Exhibition Center exhibition area 40000 meters, instead of supporting institutions, international logistics center, e-commerce center, financial warehousing center, business office buildings and so on.

Dasi pump Exhibition Center relies on local “pump power production more than 3,000 enterprises, employing 100,000 people, more than 10,000 points of sale, export 6 billion yuan, 35 billion yuan annual output value of the country, the national market share of 60%, 24 high-tech research firm, two listed companies and 6 GuoZiHao crown “and other high-quality resources. Combined with the current government and business transformation and upgrading of the urgent need to break the single exhibition, a short service, in the roots vacuum pump industry’s first “multi-functional service model.”

Dasi pump after the first launch of the exhibition center “Products, promotion, e-commerce, international orders, finance, warehousing, logistics, foreign trade (face to face), technical testing, public information, team activities,” such as the advent of multi-function mode, causing the pump production, marketing, research and development, parts, electricity providers, warehousing, logistics and other industry chain enterprises active support.

February 6 this year, Dasi pump Exhibition Center held the first exhibition hall and the first companies to set up shop and motor pump Year International orders will debut, gratifying results. The first pavilion attracted Guangdong, Hebei, Shanghai and other 10 provinces and cities in 95 companies signed long settled, Spring International orders will attract more than 5,000 people visit the order, 55 foreign-13 countries to visit the procurement, on-site turnover of more than 2000 million.

October 21 is being held in the second pavilion opened shop business, the third pavilion book shops and the Second pump and motor show, a higher level than the first, a total of Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin and other 14 provinces , covering 38 counties in 301 pumps, motor parts companies settled shops or participate in the exhibition, the exhibition scale reached 730 booths, from the first day of activities of the situation, the benefit was significantly higher than the first. Even more gratifying is that some companies in the field scheduled third pavilion shops and February 22, 2015 the third pump and motor manufacturing equipment exhibition booth cum.

Dasi pump exhibition center in the country feeding pumps, motors, accessories, production, sales, R & D units, such as mushroom, are growing healthily.

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